• Corrective Operation for Flaccid Breasts

    • Breast Reduction
    • Corrective Operation for Flaccid Breasts
  • As time passes, breasts become worn due to pregnancy, breast feeding and gravity. In addition, with age, the elasticity of skin starts to dissipate and the once thick skin layer becomes thin. Consequently, breasts start to sag, losing their original appearance and elasticity. For these reasons, women have a lot of anxiety as their beauty as a woman starts to disappear.
    There are cases where the volume of the breasts gets reduced (recently, the excessive use of lactifuge makes it more serious), and the confidence as a woman starts to disappear due to thin skin and striae distensae caused by repetitive pregnancy and breast feeding.
    As for sagging breasts, you can judge the degree of sagging by measuring from the nipple to the fold under the breast. Ordinarily, the nipple should be 4~5cm above the fold, but if it is below the fold it should be rectified by surgery.
Subject for surgery
Sagging breasts with adequate volume
  • It is possible to lift the breasts by giving the proper volume and elasticity using one’s own mammary gland and not artificial implants.
    "Safe Breast Lifting Surgery by Using self mammary gland" of Optima to maximize youthfulness and elasticity!! And minimize scars and side effects!!
    The proper method to rectify sagging breasts depends on breast size, location of nipple or areola, and degree of mastoptosis of the patient.
    If the amount of breast tissue is sufficient, it is possible to restore breasts to their former beauty safely by using self-breast tissue instead of parallel expansion after reduction, or simple expansion or reduction.
    In general, existing breast lifting surgeries remove sagging tissue by rectifying and placing implants to make up for the reduced volume. However, this can increase side effects and amplify weaknesses of both surgeries respectively.
    Optima’s method of surgery removes sagging skin and some tissue by incising the periareola and making a conical breast parenchyma, and then fixing this on the breast wall. At this time, some part of the removed breast parenchyma that was saved is then fixed onto the muscle of the breast, so the breast would protrude in a fashion that is not wide and flabby.
    This method, by reducing and lifting spare skin of both sides of the breast, can lift breasts and nipples up to the desired upper location. And without using implants, it is possible to make the breasts look young and elastic by supplying self-tissue, and then extending or reducing the size of breasts as desired.
    Considering the goal of breast surgery is to pursue natural results and reduce side effects by minimizing scar and tissue damage, it is the optimal method.

Sagging breasts with small volume
  • A. In the case of small breast volume and degree of sagging that is not serious
  • With general augmentation surgery, you can easily have elastic and lifted breasts.

  • B. In the case of small breast volume and degree of sagging that is serious
  • With periareola incision, depending on the situation, sagging skin would be resected, and fixed on the upper chest wall by gathering sagging breast parenchyma. Also, it is possible to have parallel augmentation surgery using implants when necessary.

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Sagging breasts with large volume
  • You can consider a method of surgery similar to that of breast reduction surgery.
  • A. Vertical incision
  • Breast augmentation and effective reduction is possible at the same time, so it is possible to apply to most big and sagging breasts.

  • B. Periareolar incision
  • It leaves a relatively smaller scar, and it is possible to operate on breasts requiring a small reduction and when the degree of sagging is not serious.

  • C. Incision of Inverted T
  • It is possible to reduce breast size greatly, but recently, it is not performed frequently due to the shape of breast or appearance of a large scar after surgery. However, in cases where the degree of sagging is very serious and requires a significant reduction, it may be necessary.

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