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    • Scar Management System
  • Principle for determining surgical method before surgery
  • Although breast size is reduced, there are people who suffer afterwards from scarring. So, the principle of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic is to leave minimal scarring by moving away from existing methods of surgery.
    Having performed surgery and research with Dr. Benelli, the international authority of periareola breast reduction surgery of Bishar Hospital in Paris, France, Dr. Lejour, the originator of vertical incision reduction surgery, and Dr. Findley, who established the inner skin flap reduction method, the principle of Director Lee, Anna is to choose a surgical method that leaves minimal scarring for each individual patient.
    She has a wealth of experience in various surgical methods, so you can expect satisfactory results.

  • Principle for scar management after surgery
  • All forms of plastic surgery leave some type of scar. The goal of surgery is to reduce the size of the scar and place it in an inconspicuous location.
    The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of macromastia, so it often leaves a big scar. However, by first selecting a surgical method with minimal scarring and then managing the scar continuously after surgery, it is possible to get satisfactory results.
    By thinking beyond the existing point of view that scars due to breast reduction surgery are unavoidable, and combining treatment with medication and laser procedures which minimize scarring under the principle that "Scars depend on management", it is possible to achieve the ultimate goal of making more beautiful breasts.