• Surgical Methods of Breast Reduction Surgery

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    • Surgical Methods of
      Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Depending on the shape of the cicatrix, surgical methods can be divided into 'Vertical Incision', 'Periareola Approach', 'Inverted T (O shape)', and 'Liposuction'. All the techniques mentioned above are good surgical methods and produce excellent results with the delicate care of a doctor who is well-equipped with anatomical knowledge and has the ability to select the appropriate procedure for the patient.
    Of course, every surgical method has its own strengths and weaknesses, but with a thorough assessment of the individual anatomical status of the patient, it should be simple to select the proper surgical method.
    Specialists of mastoplasty should be proficient in various surgical methods, not just one, and the doctor who selects the proper surgical method according to the patient gets more satisfactory results.
Vertical Incision Breast Reduction Surgery
  • This method requires making an incision on the areola and then incising vertically about 4~5cm. It is possible to use this surgical method regardless of size and it leaves a very small scar compared to the existing method (O shape incision method).
    In addition, it is easy to predict surgical results, and often has good results in the case of big breasts. This type of procedure requires a doctor with abundant surgical experience. If this method is mistakenly chosen due to lack of experience, it is impossible to eliminate sufficient tissue, and the scar left behind would not be small compared to other methods.
    Currently, the vertical incision method, which supplements weakness of the Periareolar Approach and Inverted T method, is considered to be the best breast reduction surgical method in the world. It has the advantages of both the Inverted T surgical method, which allows for large amounts of removal, and the Periareolar Approach, which leaves minimal scarring.
    However, the tradeoff is that it requires a high degree of surgical ability, and should only be performed by a doctor with a lot of experience.

  • Director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic worked closely with Dr. Lejour who Established the Vertical Incision Reduction Surgery
  • Vertical incision breast reduction surgery had been rapidly developed by Dr. Lejour, of Belgium, in the 1980s since the first attempt in 1964. For this reason, it is commonly called 'Lejour breast reduction surgery'.
    Director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic has been performing precise and safe surgeries utilizing her abundant experience with Professor Lejour, who established this surgical method, and Dr. Eder.
  • Strengths of Vertical Incision Breast Reduction Surgery
    • Compared to other incision methods, it is possible to get a more round and ample shape of breasts.
    • Compared to incision of O shape, it leaves very little scarring.
    • It is possible to rectify breasts of much bigger size than surgery through periareola incision method.
    • It has less side effects such as inflammation, or hematoma after surgery.
    • It is possible to save sensitivity around the nipple.
    • It is possible to breast feed after surgery.
    • It is possible to secure more time for design such as selection of breast shape, and angle, so you can get better aesthetic results.
Periareola Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Periareola Breast Reduction Surgery is a type of breast reduction that leaves the smallest scar possible by resecting parts of the breast tissue by incising the periareola. However, this method has a limitation. In cases where breast size exceeds a certain degree, it is impossible to remove sufficient breast tissue with this method.
    Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic performs breast reduction surgery to leave minimal scarring by performing periareola incision for patients with a slight to medium degree of macromastia. At Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic, it is possible to have beautiful breasts without worry of scars.

  • Director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic who Performed procedures with Dr. Bemelli, who Is the International Authority on Breast Reduction Surgery, of Bishar Hospital in Paris, France
  • This periareola incision was developed by Dr. Benelli of Bishar Hospital in Paris, France, Director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery has much clinical experience with breast reduction surgery using the periareola incision method and has performed numerous surgeries with Dr. Benelli.

Inverted T Breast Reduction Surgery
  • This is the classical method to remove breast parenchyma, fat and skin after resecting an 'O' shape from the nipple to the fold under the breast. It leaves a scar that looks similar to the Korean Letter '오‘.
    This method allows for the simple removal of a lot of breast tissue, but results in a decline in sensitivity of the nipple, an ugly horizontal scar under the breast, and sagging under parts of the breast. However, this method is used when the breast is extremely huge and requires the reduction of a large volume.

Liposuction Breast Reduction Surgery
  • This method reduces the volume of the breast by liposuction through a pipe about 5mm in diameter .
    The biggest advantage of this kind of surgery is that it leaves no scar on the breast; it is effective on breasts containing a lot of fat, with good skin elasticity and no sagging due to hypermastia. However, in cases where the breast is very big or sagging, and has compact breast parenchyma, it is not effective and breast reduction surgery by incision would be better.
    In the case of macromastia, if breast parenchyma is more developed than normal and there is a lot of accumulated fat , it is possible to get more satisfying results with minimal scarring by getting liposuction.

    Most patients with macromastia who decide to get surgery worry a lot about scars caused by past methods. For this reason, they hesitate to get surgery and instead opt for liposuction because it is possible to get satisfactory results without having to worry about scarring.
    However, the use of liposuction depends on the degree of macromastia. If the breasts are too big, it could be difficult to use this method. In this case, it is better to get surgery by incision.
    Therefore, breast reduction surgery through liposuction is a very good option for patients with a slight degree of macromastia who are hesitant about surgery.