• Essential Information before the Surgery

    • Breast Reduction
    • Essential Information before the Surgery
  • Breast reduction surgery requires a high degree of surgical ability and experience compared with any other surgery.
    A precise understanding of the breast structure of a patient and choosing of precise surgical method based on this ensures satisfactory results for the patient and builds confidence in Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic.
    Every patient has a unique physique, structure of chest and breast size, so insisting on only one surgical method cannot bring satisfactory results.
    Various surgical methods can be applied according to the shape and size of the breasts, the location of areola and mastoptosis.
    The true ability of the surgeon lies in their ability to choose the optimal surgical method for a patient.
  • It is Difficult to Understand the Severity of the Pain Caused by Big Breasts without First-Hand Experience
  • Women with very big breasts compared to their physique are subject to various medical problems. Common problems include headaches; pain in the neck, back, and waist area due to excessive weight; and structural change such as bending of the spine, problems of arc, eczema and tinting. And it gives rub offs on the shoulder due to the laces of bras. Most of all, it causes a severe complex about one’s own physique, much more serious than that of people with small breasts. In Western countries, large breasts that range in size from 600~1,000g, are classified as a disease that can be insured for health reasons.
    Women with big breasts try to conceal them by wearing tighter bras due to the shame of having swinging breasts. They become sensitive to the movement of their breasts and that they may be very conspicuous, so they become more passive and inactive. As for clothes, they usually wear wide or over-sized shirts or T shirts. It is a vicious circle that promotes weight gain.
    Due to changes in Western diet which affects physique, macromastia (more than 400gm per breast) is increasing significantly day by day. The recent sales reports of underwear companies show this clearly.

  • It is possible to make smaller, more elastic and beautiful breasts
  • The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to form smaller, lighter and more elastic breasts by eliminating fat, breast parenchyma and surplus skin. Liposuction is the most common method for breast reduction, and it is possible to reduce the size of areola (areola mammae) at the same time. So ultimately, it is possible to make smaller and more beautiful breasts that suit your own physique.
    For women who are suffering from physical inconveniences (headache, pain due to spinal deformation, eczema, tinting etc) or limited activities in daily life or work life due to big breasts, breast reduction surgery is recommended. However, it is recommended to get surgery after the breast parenchyma is fully matured. And it should be performed when the person who is to receive surgery actually feels the need for it. Therefore, it is recommended to adults over the age of 20.
    In the case of breast reduction surgery, it is important to get surgery from a medical team with extensive experience.
    Breast reduction surgery is neither an easy nor simple surgery, and has a high level of difficulty, so it is important to select a doctor with sufficient qualifications and experience. With precise planning and preparation with a well-qualified doctor, you can expect to have a safe surgery.
    With the reduction of macromastia, some scars may remain, but the release from physical pain and satisfaction due to a change of physique brings great pleasure to both the patient and doctor.

  • It is important to be aware of the side effects potentially caused by breast reduction surgery before opting for the procedure.
  • Every surgery involves some level of risk. Breast reduction surgery has some common side effects such as infection, hematoma, and response to anesthesia. However, it is possible to reduce these risks with proper preparation before surgery and management after surgery.
    Apart from the aforementioned side effects, sometimes the vascular lesion of the areola and scar due to surgery may become a bigger problem. However, recently, by using the vertical incision method or range around areola, it has become possible to perform surgery without leaving a cicatrix of Inverted T like in the past. As a result, it is very rare for a big scar to be left due to breast reduction surgery.

  • Side effects due to Periareolar Approach and Vertical Incision Method Were Greatly Decreased
  • However, the surgical method is determined based on the situation of the patient, so it is important to choose an experienced doctor of both the Periareolar Approach, which was made famous by Dr. Benelli of France, and the Vertical Incision Method by Dr. Lejour of Belgium.
    In addition, excessive elimination of breast parenchyma can cause defects in providing blood vessel of areola system . It rarely occurs if the surgery is well prepared. However, in the case that it does occur, it is possible to restore with a skin graft. In the case of smokers, they are at high risk to get necrosis, so intense care is needed. As for changes to breast-feeding or sensation, it is important to determine an appropriate surgical method upon consultation before surgery.