• Nipple and areolar reduction reoperation

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    • Nipple and areolar reduction reoperation
  • Nipple reduction reoperation
  • As for obese nipple (Nipple Hypertrophy), they can occur due to natural causes but it can also be formed when the nipple is over stimulated or damaged due to continuous pregnancy and breast feeding. Obese nipple could be rectified by removing excessive tissue with surgery, and because of the darker characteristics of the areolar tissue, the surgical scar is not significant.

    The average diameter if normal areola of Korean women is 3.5∼4.5cm, and average diameter if nipple is about 1∼1.5cm. In this case, nipple reduction surgery redueds the size of the nipple and makes it balanced. The surgery to reduce nipple to adequate size is easy and hardly leaves a scar, so it is easy to rectify.

    Nipple reduction requires detailed consultation in advance regarding matters of scarring, breast feeding and recurrence possibility after surgery. In the case of unmarried women, the surgical method which does not affect breast feeding should be selected.

    As for this surgical method, it lowers the height of the nipple according to the size and shape of the nipples. If the size of nipple itself is big, it removes some part of the nipple and rectifies it to proper size.

  • Areolar reduction reoperation
  • An imbalance between nipple and areola is natural, but there are many cases where the imbalance stands out after pregnancy and breast feeding. If the areola is too big or small compared to the nipple, then it is hard to expect balanced beauty of the breasts and it may cause the patient to have a complex regarding their nipple.

    As for areola, if it is too small or too big like the nipple, it is possible to solve the worry by surgery to increase or reduce it. In the case of reducing the areola, the excess areola is incised. In the case that the areola is too small, it is possible to use skin graft or tatoo method. However, it is difficult to select the correct color with the tattoo method and though the color was selected well at first, there are cases where it becomes discolored, so it is necessary to get surgery after consultation with an expert.