• Retracted Nipple Reoperation

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    • Retracted Nipple Reoperation
  • In the past, breast feeding was difficult because of the method to incise all of mammary duct in surgery of a inverted nipple. So, the remaining scar was long and mammary duct was damaged, but Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic does not damage mammary ducts. Skin flap using areolar tissue by 'method of preserving lactiferous ducts with minimum incision' has the strength that the scar is barely noticeable and breast feeding is possible.
  • In the case that scarring is very noticeable, it is possible to get surgery to remove the scar. The probability of the recurrence of retracted nipple would be increased depending on the degree of retraction, but in case of recurrence there is no need to worry for reoperation is possible with minimum incision. Right after surgery, the sensitivity of nipple and breast may be temporarily dull, but it returns gradually and there is no need to worry too much.
  • Quick&SAFE – fast and safe – Optima Surgery of retracted nipple
    Method of preservation lactiferous drifts with minimum incision
  • If the center of beauty is an abundant breast, the peak of that beauty is the nipple. For the reason of negative self-image, sanitation, and proper breast feeding, surgery of retracted nipple is essential.

    With the method of preserving lactiferous ducts with minimum incision of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic, it is possible to save tissue of mammary ducts with a short surgery by local anesthesia, so it does not have influence on breast feeding. It is possible to perform surgery in a short time, so it does not cause any inconvenience to your daily life, and it is possible to obtain effective results. After about a week after surgery, it is possible to lead a normal marital life.