• Breast Reduction Reoperation

    • Breast Reoperation
    • Breast Reduction Reoperation
  • Breast reduction surgery has a high level of difficulty, and not all hospitals which can perform breast augmentation surgery can perform it. This means that reduction surgery takes a long time and problems after surgery can occur frequently. Therefore, breast reduction surgery should be performed by a specialist of breast plastic surgery in order to reduce any unwanted side effects.
    As for side effects that can occur after breast reduction surgery, it ranges from very serious things to minute things. However, bleeding or infection is a side effect that can occur from any surgery and is not considered special. Problems that may affect pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding after reduction surgery which are considered serious scarcely occur. Breast reduction surgery has little relationship with breast cancer.
    Determining the type of side effect due to breast reduction surgery is important. In the case that there is a side effect, it is recommended to find a proper solution, such as reoperation, by consulting a specialist of breast reduction. There is no surgery without side effects, there are only hospitals which can minimize the possibility of side effects and doctor's who can handle the side effects wisely.
  • Treatment of scar and reoperation
  • Like every type of plastic surgery, there is no surgery without scar. In breast reduction surgery, it is imortant to reduce the size of the scar as much as possible and place it somewhere it can not be seen.
    Any breast reduction surgery will leave a scar. However, Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic uses a vertical incision and a periareolar approach which performs surgery leaving minimal scarring out of all existing surgical methods. Big scars will be prevented due to Optima's scar management system.
    In addition, after six months, the scar will become shallower, so there is no need to worry about thick scars after surgery. In addition, in cases that scar remain visible , it is possible to get surgery to remove the scar. In the case of keloidal physiqye, it is necessary be careful to determine surgery after listening to an explaination about scars before surgery.

  • Problem of asymmetry of both sides
  • After resection of excessive breast tissue, it is possible that the location of the nipples shows asymmetry or has different size from left and right breasts; most of these cases are possible ot re-correct when it is required. It is good to determine asymmetry after six months, and you should be careful to make a hasty decision before that period for it could be distorted due to swelling.
    In addition, the final size of breast is reduced usually about 20∼30% right after surgery, and size of breast would be different due to swelling, so it is not proper to consider reoperation immediately. New scars could form due to reoperation, so it is necessary to find the best surgical method through consultation with a specialist.