• Safety Rules for Surgery

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    • Safety Rules for Surgery

Anesthesiologist on Standby and one-to-one Responsible Exclusive Anesthesia

  • Anesthesiologist is present at all times and assumes the responsibility for customer’s safety by exclusively managing the entire surgical procedure from preparation to the recovery process.

Use of the Latest
Safety Equipments

  • We use anesthetic equipment in the class of those used in university hospitals and Sevoflurane which is an anesthetic with minimum toxins to support fast recovery and safe surgery. And we thoroughly prepare against every possible emergency through the emergency treatment system.

Verified Customized Prosthesis

  • We only use prosthesis from Mentor and Allergan which have obtained U.S. FDA and Europe CE certifications and issue Authenticity Certification Card for each product.

Optimized Surgical Treatment System

  • For a safe surgery, we perform a comprehensive physical examination before the surgery and have raised the stability of surgery by adopting the endoscopic image system.

Specialized Recovery Management System

  • We carry out meticulous post-treatment and regular tracking observation when providing consultation before, during and even after the surgery. We support customer’s fast recovery through breast-care treatment with primary nurses for the outpatient clinic and aesthetic treatment after the surgery.