• Areolar Reduction

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    • Areolar Reduction
  • The round colored area around the nipple is called the areola and it plays a role in breast feeding. The diameter ranges from about 1.5cm to 6cm, but on average is 4cm.
  • Imbalance between the nipple and areola is fairly natural, but may become especially pronounced after pregnancy and breast feeding. If the areola is disproportionate to the size of the nipple, it may look unbalanced and may cause you to become self-conscious when going to a public bathhouse. However, it is possible to rectify this problem through surgery.
    The surgery lasts about one hour, and local anesthesia is used, so it is possible to leave the hospital on the same day. After surgery, hospitalization is not necessary, and after taking a short rest in the convalescence room, it is possible to go home. The very next day after surgery, a visit to the hospital is necessary to monitor the progress after treatment.
    No special pain is felt in the area of surgery and swelling generally subsides after one week. For about one month after surgery, aggressive movements that can cause shock to the area of surgery should be avoided. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are also prohibited for about one to two months after surgery. Any scars due to surgery become unnoticeable after two ~ three months.

Areolar Reduction Surgical Method

  • Incision around Nipple
  • If the diameter of the areola is not too wide, spare areolar tissue is removed by incising the bottom part of the nipple, gathering the tissue in this area and then suturing the area below the nipple. After surgery, the area that was incised may look wrinkled, but it spreads out over time. The scar would be located right under the nipple making it difficult to notice.

  • Incision around areola
  • If the diameter of the areola is very wide, spare tissue is removed by incising around the boundary of the areola. This method is commonly selected when performed in conjunction with breast reconstruction or breast reduction.