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  • Method of preserving lactiferous ducts with minimum incision
  • If the center of a woman’s beauty is the abundant breast, then the peak of that beauty is the nipple.

    For the matter of negative self-image, sanitation, and proper breast feeding, surgery of an inverted nipple is essential.
    ‘Method of preserving lactiferous ducts with minimum incision’ of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic makes it possible to save the tissue of the mammary duct by reducing surgery time by using local anesthesia. And so, it is possible to breast feed even after surgery.
    It is possible to perform this surgery in a short time, so it does not cause any inconvenience to daily life and it is possible to obtain effective results. After surgery, and proper cafe, it is possible to lead a normal marital life.

  • A Inverted nipple causes problems in the point of view of beauty, cleanliness, and breast feeding
  • It was reported that about 3% of Korean women have inverted nipples, which are buried in breasts.
    An ‘Inverted nipple’ may be considered a kind of disease that damages beauty and problems of cleanliness, and trouble in breast feeding may occur.
    Some parents assume that it was caused because they did not touch the nipples as soon as babies were born, but in most cases it is genetic. Therefore, strong stimulation during infancy could damage the tissue of lactiferous ducts forever, so it is best for parents to refrain from this type of behaviors.

  • It is good to get inverted nipple surgery before marriage
  • Inverted nipples cause no particular inconvenience to daily life. However, it can cause functional and mental problems such as an undesirable odor caused by secretion, feelings of inferiority due to a negative self-image, and sexual insensitivity.
    Most women who have inverted nipples may live without any problems, but they are unaware of the long-term problems caused by the occurrence of serious mastitis due to the impossibility to breast feed or squeezing of the swollen breast due to the inverted nipple. Recently many patients are realizing the necessity for treatment and receive it before marriage because of operative technique developments that can preserve lactiferous drifts with minimal scarring.