• Medical team introduction

    • Hospital introduction
    • Medical team introduction
  • Representative Director,
  • Lee, Anna

  • - Plastic surgery specialist, Doctor of Medicine
  • - Foreign professor for College of Medicine in Kyunghee University
  • - Communications director for cosmetic surgery in Seoul Medical Center
  • - Regular member of the International Association of Cosmetic Surgery
  • - International member of the American Association of Cosmetic Surgery
  • - Academician of Korean Cosmetic Surgery
  • - Member of the research society for breast implant, academician of the research society for eye plastic surgery

  • - The foremost expert in Asia on breast implant
  • - Master Doctor with 16 years of experiences in breast implant
  • - The progenitor of painless breast enlargement surgery
  • - The originator of breast reduction surgery (superomedial pedicle)

“the First 12”

Where everyone else fails, Optima steps up to set new standards.

  • The birthplace of ‘painless breast surgery’ (2000) – We performed the first intercostal anesthesia in Korea
  • Everyone believed that breast surgery would always cause severe pain, but the unbelievable 'painless’ breast surgery became a reality at Optima. Even specialists doubted that it was possible. As a result of her desire for better surgery for all people, this technique became widely known to plastic surgeons through numerous conference activities. Now, painless breast surgery is available at many specialized hospitals.
  • First 2. 1-day breast surgery - The birthplace of the 24 hour recovery system (2000)
  • 1. For the first time in Korea, Optima’s 3 Zeroes 1-Day Breast surgery was realized. (Recovery in a Day).
  • *Zero Pain
  • *Zero Hemovac Line
  • *Zero Hospitalization
  • 2.For the first time in Korea, the surgical method of minimized bleeding with intercostal anesthesia allowed for painless and fast recovery by minimizing damage of tissue instead of effect of painkiller. This is because we use the best anesthetic and professional anesthetic technology. With more advanced techniques, since 2003, it is possible to perform daily activities 2~3 hours after surgery due to the introduction of Aqua Stripping Method and Endoscopic Surgery.
  • First 3. The birthplace of transconjunctival orbital fat transposition surgery(2000) –the First in Asia
  • Transconjunctival surgery does not ruin lower eyelid pretarsal fullness and avoids unwanted external needle marks. This procedure does not throw away all of the subocular fat but rearranges it. It is an innovative surgery that delays aging and damage of expression by conserving muscular functions around the eyes with fast recovery. This surgery started at Optima for the first time in Asia in the spring of 2000. Everyone, even experts, did not attempt this because it was thought to be too difficult. However, Director Lee, Anna taught and passionately promoted this technique to numerous specialists through academic activities. Now people can safely get advanced subocular surgery.
  • First 4. The birthplace of nerve sparing-dynamic lower eyelid plastic surgery (2000) –The first in the world
  • This surgery improves muscular function around the eyes without damaging eye expressiveness.
    This surgery restores lower eyelid pretarsal fullness by using one’s own muscles without the use of foreign substances.
    Everyone thought it was impossible, but Optima made it possible.
    For the first time in the world, she presented 10 years of clinical results to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2009) in Washington D.C, and taught this new procedure at numerous conferences in and out of Korea.
    She set a new standard of plastic surgery of the lower eyelid that saves nerves and muscles and analyzes lower eyelid status and facial expression.
    She achieved this after struggling for a long time with the common perception that it was enough to pull by incising but with unavoidable damage of expression. As a result of her unconventional thinking, subocular plastic surgery is now a significant area of plastic surgery.
  • First 5. Opening of e-breast services, the first breast information portal in Korea.
  • In the past, there was no information for medical service, so common people could not get or select information easily. Optima wanted to provide precise and in-depth information to all people. So the medical information portal, egasuem.com, and as a consequence, all4breast.co.kr (2002), was set up to reduce anxiety due to vague information and ignorance of breast cancer and breast surgery. It was the first portal service to provide medical information in the medical world.
  • First 6. Breast reduction surgery for Asians was established– The birthplace of superomedial pedicled flap breast reduction surgery (2002)
  • This method does not leave a cicatrix of areola or vertical incision traditionally caused by ‘T’ breast reduction surgery. Besides, the new surgical method of in-abdominal flap reduces anesthetic time because of the innovative short surgical time achieved to improve the shape of breasts homeostatically without the need for hospitalization and transfusion.
    This method, which defied the existing convention that reduction was dangerous and would leave an enormous scar, was presented for the first time in the world at the ISAPS (2009) which was held in San Francisco, USA. With her nine years of experience, and by lecturing at numerous domestic and foreign conferences, breast reduction surgery is now performed in many hospitals across the globe.
  • First 7. The birthplace of safe system and introduction of artificial pump-oxygenator (2002)
  • For the first time, the artificial pump-oxygenator was introduced at specialized hospitals, excluding university and general hospitals. This system that allows for safe surgery was made by wiping out anesthetic accidents with the introduction of a five-stage safety system.
    Due to education for young specialists, this safety system has been introduced to many plastic surgery clinics.
    Sleep anesthesia during surgery of local anesthesia is performed directly by an anesthetic specialist, so that surgery is always safe and reliable.
    In addition, as an advanced hospital we preserve a sterilized environment in the operating room by using disposable surgical gowns and surgical bags in every surgery.
  • First 8. Live image seminar of teardrop breast augmentation surgery was held (2003) – The first time in Korea
  • With use of a computer and astral lamp loaded image system, for the first time as a specialized hospital, it became possible to send live images from the operating room to the conference room.
    Thus, a real time Live surgery conference was conducted with Dr. Maxwell (USA), who established and made teardrop implants for the first time in the world. Afterwards, the materials were distributed to many specialists in education, so we set the standard for the teardrop breast surgery.
  • First 9. Calf reduction surgery by high frequency was established (2004) - The first time in the world
  • In the past, there were both destructive and irrevocable surgery which incised nerves and muscle only, but we established the method to degenerate specifically chosen muscles and minimize damage around tissue by using high frequency for the first time in the world.
    In 2004, it was presented at the Korean Plastic Surgery Academic Conference for the first time in the world, and then disseminated to many specialists worldwide through Live surgical lecture in 2005. Therefore, many patients could get safe and simple minimally invasive calf muscular reduction surgery.
    This method was published in the academic journal of Korean Beauty Plastic Surgery in 2006 as an invitational thesis.
    Currently, it is performed widely by many doctors in the world.
  • First 10. Guidance for patients ‘Direct Understanding of Breast Plastic Surgery (2010)’
  • To provide accurate knowledge and in-depth information to patients, Guidance for patients for breast plastic surgery was published for the first time in Korea.
    At first, it was made to educate patients but after it was publishing, it became loved by many doctors.
    In addition, according to enthusiastic requests from Chinese doctors, ‘美胸秘芨’, the Chinese edition has been published and distributed widely.
  • First 11. We started a mobile application service and e-book service for special information of breast surgery (2009)
  • Applications for both the iPhone and android-based phones were developed, so everybody can easily access medical information. In addition, we started a web page service exclusively for mobile devices, making it possible for anybody to consult a specialist from any location.
    With the advent of the smart phone, for the first time in Korea, ‘Direct Understanding of Breast plastic surgery through e-book’became possible.
    Additionally, at Optima we do our best to provide SNS services through facebook, twitter, Microblog, Kakaotalk, and interactive communication with customers through the activation of our mobile web site.
  • First 12. We acquired ISO 9001, 14001 simultaneously for the first time in Korea.
  • For the first time as a specialized hospital, we acquired approval of international standardization for environmental management and quality management, so Optima can be counted on to maximize the satisfaction of patients with an elevated professional service.
    We will not stop here! We will constantly strive to achieve new firsts and to be unparalleled in Asia so that Optima, the world’s best, will always be with you!

Spirit of Optima

To develop innovative new medical techniques and educate more doctors, transcending all nationalities and people, better surgery for more people!


  • - Correct Understanding of Breast Implant – Talking to breasts[Gunja Publishing Company, 2009]
  •   It introduces everything about breast implant including breast enlargement, breast reduction, sagging breasts, breast reconstruction, nipple surgery and so on.
  • - How to Create Gorgeous Breasts [Samho Publishing Company, 2003]
  •   (Supervision of How to Create Gorgeous Breasts)
      It introduces how to create beautiful breasts and well-shaped body by revising pectoralis major muscle with naturopathy.

Overseas Exchange

  • - Trained in breast implant clinic of Bichat Hospital (Paris, France, Dr. Benelli)
  • - Trained in Plastic Surgery of Brugmann University (Druxelles, Belgium, Dr. Lejour)
  • - Trained in Plastic Surgery of Clinica la Luz Hospital (Madrid, Spain, Dr. Del la Plaza)
  • - Trained in vanity surgery clinic of Ganagawa Hospital (Tokyo, Japan)
  • - Banff plastic surgery clinic (Canada, Dr. Elizabeth Findley)
  • - Dr. Lin plastic surgery (Taiwan)
  • - Plastic surgery clinic (Dallas, America, Dr. Tebbets)
  • - Dr. Nagumo clinic (Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Nagumo)
  • - Dr. Nohira clinic (Sapporo, Japan, Dr. Nohira)
  • - Sosundo clinic - Botox clinic (Paris, France, Dr. Claude le Louarn)

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Safety Anesthetist

  • The head of anesthesiology department,

    Jung, A-ri

  • - Director of anesthesiology for Optima Plastic Hospital
  • - The head of anesthesiology for previous Osandang Hospital
  • - Graduated Ewha Woman’s University / Intern for anesthesiology department
  • - Regular member of the Korean Association of Medical Science for Anesthesia and Pain

*An exclusive anesthesiologist will stay and support throughout the entire surgery procedure from preparations before surgery and recovery treatment after anesthetic is given.