• Hospital introduction

    • Hospital introduction
    • Hospital introduction

Optima Plastic Hospital is a hospital specialized in breast implants which is a method to express woman’s symbol, breasts, in the most beautiful way. In Optima Plastic Hospital, every surgery is performed under the delicate and meticulous care of specialists in breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast reconstruction surgery and many other related fields to realize gorgeous breasts which is every woman’s dream.

Like any other cosmetic surgery, breast implantation is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries even among others and it requires a doctor with a wealth of experience in performing this surgery.

Optima Plastic Hospital puts forth its best endeavor to continuously develop itself at all times through continuous research and education. The world-class plastic surgeons in breast implantation perform surgery and research simultaneously at Optima Plastic Hospital. At Optima Plastic Hospital, everybody does their best to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and highest quality services to satisfy every single customer by leveraging our accumulated experiences and techniques.

Safe and Precise Breast Implants only available in Optima Plastic Hospital

01. Cutting-edge Equipment

  • Safe and precise desquamation by using endoscope.

02. Painless Breast Enlargement

  • ‘It’s a painless, one-day surgery’, it is where painless breast implant surgery was developed.

03. Safe Surgery

  • Anesthesiologist on standby, retaining cutting edge anesthetic equipment

04. Fast Recovery

  • 24-hour Recovery System (Optima 24-Hour Recovery System)

05. Special Management

  • Postoperative Special Management System

  • 06. Breast Implants with the Best results