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Q. Is there a proper age to get double eyelid surgery?
A. it is possible regardless of age. Usually, when surgery is performed at a young age, some people worry that the double eyelid will change as they growth. But there is no need to worry that the shape of double eyelid will become bigger in proportion to the size of the face. However, there are some cases when the double eyelid doesn’t adapt well at such a sensitive period like adolescence, so it is better to delay the procedure until after adolescence. Only in cases where the eyelashes touch the pupil of the eye or has blepharoptosis, which can cause visual impairment, would it be necessary for double eyelid surgery at a young age.
Q. Is it not good to get surgery in the summer?
A. It has no effect on surgical results.
There are people who worry that scars would get infected when getting plastic surgery in the summer due to sweating and the hot and humid weather. However, this does not have any influence on surgical results, and there is no need to worry.
Q. I want to get a buried incision, but the hospital recommends a minimal incision or another incision method~
  • A. It is good to listen to the recommendation of the hospital for the following reasons:
  • There are cases in which it is impossible to perform surgery with buried incision,
  • There are cases where physical constitution can become loose immediately after surgery,
  • or cases that would have better results by incision method.
Q. Is there a scar left from double eyelid fold operation?
  • A. Though it is an incision method, it is hard to notice any scarring.
    Every surgery leaves a scar. However, in the case of eyelids, the skin is thin and incision is performed along natural lines, so it is hard to notice scars after 1~2 months.
Q. When are stitches removed?
  • A. This could vary according to surgical method or status, but usually can be removed after 3~5 days. In the case of slit surgery, it would be removed after 4~7 days. Also, the thread is thinner than hair, so it is hardly noticeable.
Q. How serious is swelling or bruise after surgery?
  • A. Swelling or bruising is not too serious, so it is possible to return to daily life after 3~4 days.
    The degree depends on individual differences and both sides may disappear at different rates. In most cases, after about 3~4 days, it is possible to return to daily life, and after 1~2 weeks, it should return to normal.
Q. How should I apply ice packs or hot packs?
  • A. Apply ice pack until removal of stitches, and apply hot pack after removal if necessary.
    Put handkerchief on eyes and place the ice pack given by the hospital to make the surgical area cold. Ice packs prevent bleeding and swelling after surgery. Applying an ice pack would help until stitches are removed, and hot pack would be applied after removing stitches. As for applying packs, it is good to follow directions given by the hospital.
Q. When can I start to wash after surgery?
  • • A. After removing stitches, light washing with water is possible.
    Before that, it is better to use a wet towel to avoid water contact with the operative site.
Q. When can I apply make up after surgery?
  • A. It is possible to apply light make up after removing stitches. However, it is good to avoid the use of eyeliner or mascara for about 2~3 weeks.
Q. When can I wear lenses after surgery?
  • A. Lenses can affect the eyelids, so it is better not to wear them for about two weeks.
Q. Is it possible to drink alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes after surgery?
  • • A. It is better to avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes for at least two weeks after surgery.
    Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes can cause infections or minute inflammation.
    As for smoking, it is recommended that you quit 1~2 weeks prior to help with recovery.
Q. When can I go to a jjimjilbang, sauna or exercise after surgery?
  • A. It is possible to walk lightly immediately after surgery, but it is better to avoid aggressive exercise or jjimjilbang or sauna for about three weeks after surgery.
Q. Is it possible to lie down after surgery?
  • • A. It is better to lie down so that the head is elevated higher than the heart.
    Lying flat on your back or reading books by bending the head forward or sleeping on your stomach can cause more swelling by increasing blood vessels, so it is better to sleep by elevating the head with several pillows.
Q. Is there any pain after surgery?
  • A. There is some light stinging but otherwise no pain.
    Pain after surgery differs from individual to individual; most patients experience a stinging feeling on the day of surgery.
    There is some pain after surgery but not significant enough to worry about.
Q. Is anesthesia used?
  • A. Local anesthesia is used on the surgical area and use of sedation anesthesia is possible. Upon falling asleep after injection of sedative drug intravenously, local anesthesia is performed so that patients will not feel pain from surgery. Optima performs sedation anesthesia of simple surgery with a resident anesthetic specialist.
Q. Does the magic front slit cause eyes to look gathered?
  • A. This surgery is not simply used to reduce the space between eyes.
    The purpose of front slit surgery is to make eyes look bright and narrow the gap between eyes, but it is necessary to soften the eye image by removing any Mongolian fold which can make eyes look fierce. In addition, it is more effective to make a longer and clearer double eyelid line by revealing the double eyelid which appears to be cut due to Mongolian fold.
    Surgical method depends on status of eyes of the individual
Q. Are scars visible after getting medial epicanthoplasty?
  • A. It would hardly be noticeable.
    Magic front slit of Optima does not require suturing by pulling after incising existing skin but instead rearranges skin, so there is no feeling of pulling flesh after surgery and causes hardly any tension in the sutured area, so scar is for the most part unseen.
Q. After surgery of medial epicanthoplasty, does the lacrimal lake look unattractive or does the shape of the eyes look fierce?
  • A. The procedure is selected upon deciding surgical direction or exposure degree according to the individual in advance, so there is no need to worry.
    Existing methods cause eyes to seem fierce due to retracted scarring, but the magic front slit of Optima leaves hardly any signs of a scar. Front slit surgery would give eyes a bright image. In addition, in most cases the form of the head of the eye of Korean women is short and round, so there is no need to worry about any exposure effect caused by the lacrimal lake.
Q. Some people say that back slit could adhere again?
  • A. In cases when back slit surgery is proper, the effect is very good.
    In cases when the ends of eyes are slightly raised and has good muscle strength, a back slit would cause the lower eyelid to come down. This prevents the slit from re-adhering, and would be the ideal situation for back slit surgery.
    Optima recommends back slit surgery only for individuals where the effect is certain.