• Wrinkles on forehead

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • upper eyelid surgery

Wrinkles on the forehead form by repeated shrinking and relaxation of the Venter frontalis which moves the forehead. In the case that a person has wrinkles on the forehead, the eyebrow muscles are loose, causing the eyelids to sag, and wrinkles on the forehead would deepen from trying to raise the eyelids with forehead muscle. Getting a forehead lift can remove these wrinkles on the forehead and return you to looking normal.

Suppressing the movement of muscles in the forehead can also improve wrinkles.
The surgical procedure is simple and it is possible to return to daily life immediately. Botox surgery becomes weak after a certain period, so it is possible to get a semi-permanent effect with 3~4 surgical procedures.
Restylane (hyaluronic acid)
If restylane (filler) is injected underneath the deep wrinkle which can be seen even in a resting state, deep and dented wrinkles would be spread evenly.
It is easy to perform surgery, convenient and lasts for about 1~2 years.
Non-incisional Magic Lift (Wire scalpel)
A Wire Scalpel is composed of metallic yarn which has a minute saw blade and needle which is connected to the end of it. A Wire Scalpel is effective for removing deep wrinkles. This method treats deep wrinkles where deep tissue adheres to the dermis of the skin; this method creates artificial space under the wrinkle by pulling after placing the scalpel on the thick skin layer under the wrinkle and then this part is filled by growth of tissue and blood.
Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoptosis correction)
Sometimes, there are cases that forehead moves a lot when open eyes slowly by putting hand on the forehead in the status to close eyes. This is because that the power of levator palpebrae muscle which is the muscle to open eyes is weak, so muscle of forehead is pulling the muscle of levator palpebrae muscle to open eyes, so wrinkles on forehead would be deepen due to movement of forehead. In this case, muscle to open eyes would be rectified due to upper eyelid surgery, and then wrinkles on forehead would be improved naturally.