• Drooped eyes of middle ages

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • upper eyelid surgery
Upper eyelid surgery
As people age, the firmness of the skin on the upper eyelid starts to fade and as skin loosens the double eyelid becomes concealed, and in some severe cases starts to hinder sight.
In this case, loosed skin would be incised precisely, excessive fat would be removed and if the levator palpebae superioris muscle comes lose or separated, proper correction would be necessary. If the patient wants, it is also common to parallel this procedure with double eyelid surgery. Usually, it is possible to return to washing and applying make up 4-5 days after the removal of stitches.
Eyebrow lift
This surgery is commonly used for people with eyebrow tattoos and double eyelids or the middle-aged and the elderly who have thick eyelid skin causing their double eyelids to sag and look unnatural. Literally, this surgery improves any unnatural appearance by raising the eyebrows. When eyelids start to sag and the skin around the eyes start to fester and become sore, it is possible to get an infection and to look older due to forehead wrinkles that form while trying to open eyes by using forehead muscles.
For the most part, surgery would be performed along the boundary of the eyebrow and not on the eyebrow, and depending on the situation, it is possible to incise or to pull skin.