• Correction of eyes (blepharoptosis)

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • upper eyelid surgery
  • Eyes that are not fully open due to weakness of muscle to raise eyelid, otherwise dubbed “drowsy eyes” are called blepharoptosis. Blepharoptosis usually refers to serious cases, however there are many less severe cases where eyes look bleary, eyes look like they have no power, with a lifted chin or formation of wrinkles on forehead caused by raising eyebrows. There is no need to rectify in this case, but correction might be desired to create a more beautiful shape and bright expression.
    This surgery, which changes these small and stuffy eyes into big and bright eyes, has been performed a lot.
    The vertical length of eyes is bigger by about 2-3mm. This surgery is called blepharoptosis correction, and it is the process that elevates the position of the eyelids in proportion to the amount of shortening of the muscles that elevate the eyelids (M. levator palpebrae superioris) It can also be performed simultaneously with double eyelid surgery. The incision method could be a burden, but it has the effect of making patient’s eyes look bigger and more vivid which you cannot get with a simple double eyelid fold operation.