• Epicanthoplasty

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • upper eyelid surgery

Magic medial epicanthoplasty

  • The inner part of the eyes is covered by skin, so the eyes look far apart, stuffy and small. It is possible to rectify by removing surrounding skin.
    It is possible to make a natural double eyelid line by performing a Medial epicanthoplasty surgery and double eyelid surgery in parallel. It is also possible to increase the width of the eyes to create eyes that are long and bright. The optimal technique for each patient will be selected according to the shape and line of the double eyelid fold and the severity of the Mongolian fold.

Magic lateral epicanthoplasty

  • Lateral epicanthoplasty surgery makes eyes look bigger by opening the ends of the eyes.
    Usually, it is normal for about 40% of a 5mm opening to close up, leaving a total opening effect of about 3mm.
    It is possible to lower down or raise the ends of eyes by lateral epicanthoplasty. Eyes which look thin would be rectified to give a good expression by lowering the ends of the eyes through lateral epicanthoplasty surgery.
    Surgical scar is hardly noticeable, and in most cases disappears within one to two months.