• Lower eyelid plastic surgery for men

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • Lower eyelid plastic surgery
The purpose of plastic surgery for men is different from women
  • The purpose of plastic surgery for men is to create a healthy expression and to look more their actual age. To change the appearance of men who look tired or aged, the dark expression would be removed by correction of lower eyelid fat or transplantation of fat.
Fat rearrangement through conjunctiva or speedy fat removal
In the case that sagging of skin or muscle is not serious, it is possible to create a bright and healthy expression without lower eyelid scars by rectifying bulging fat through conjunctiva.
Dynamic Composite Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery-Method to protect expressions
This surgery restores lower eyelid structure and improve wrinkles next to nose by rectifying muscles by lifting and removing extra sagging skin. This is achieved by incising the lower eyelash area and then rearranging and removing lower eyelid fat, especially in cases where sagging of muscle, lower eyelid skin, and fat are serious.
Composite midface transplantation of fat
Project to create a younger, brighter and more beautiful expression by increase in elastically due to lifting effect of rectifying fat to the paranasal area.