• Wrinkles

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • Lower eyelid plastic surgery

Correction of nasolabial fold

Wrinkles are disappeared completely by thread and needle only!
  • The method to remove wrinkles is by pulling up sagged cheek and nasolabial fold by using a special thread.
    There are no side effects such as a change in expression, damage of facial nerves, scars and so on after surgery, and leaves only minimal scarring without needle marks. There is minimal swelling and does not affect facial expression, so this surgical method makes it possible to return back to normal life within 2~3 days after surgery.
  • Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic established the Korean Magic Lifting Lab, which does research and cooperates with Dr. Sulamanidge, the Russian plastic surgeon who utilizes Aptos thread which was created in his lab in Russia, so you can experience the traditional magic lift.
Characteristics of Optima FRIEND Magic face lift
  • Fast operation (about 20~30 minutes of surgery)
  • Remarkable recovery time that makes it possible to return to daily life without the need for a convalescence after surgery
  • Instant surgical effect
  • Easy treatment. There is no need for special care and no scar is left after surgery.
  • No post surgery pain. Little to no pain during surgery.
  • Differentiated service. Introduction of surgical method suitable for facial characteristics of both westerners and Korean people


Optima’s differentiated Botox! Remove Wrinkles! Saves Expression!
There is no need to worry about ‘looking unnatural’!
  • Completed the course of best expert of botulinum toxin in France Paris Cosmetic Surgery with great expert of Botox Dr. Claude le louarm
    Director Lee, Anna visited the hospital of Dr. Claude le Louarm, who is the international expert of Botox, and conducted research to devise a new procedure for Botox together.
    In addition, she completed the course of best expert of botulinum toxin in France Paris Cosmetic Surgery. So, she guarantees greater satisfaction using advanced surgical procedures such as improving lifting facial contour by using Botox and rearranging facial muscular balance instead of simple Botox paralysis.
Is it scary too much due to unnatural expression?
  • Botox is a safe procedure, however it has been abused. Treatments should differ according to evaluation, diagnosis, method of injection for each individual patient before the procedure by the doctor.
    Many patients worry about possible unnaturalness after Botox. However, with a proper diagnosis by a Botox expert with lots of experience, it is possible to remove wrinkles while keeping your natural expression and avoid any artificial or unnatural expression commonly referred to as ‘Botox Face’.
Botox Therapy per area
  • Wrinkles at the corners of eyes / Wrinkles under eyes / Square jaw / Wrinkles on forehead/ Wrinkles in the middle of forehead / Wrinkles on the bridge of nose / Short chin correction / Wrinkles of lip / Lifting the corner of mouth / Pore / Hyperhidrosis etc
Strengths of Botox procedure
  • It is possible to remove wrinkles and square jaw line with a simple injection
  • Every procedure is finished within 5~10 minutes.
  • It is possible to feel its effects about three days after procedure.
  • It is possible to return to daily life such as washing or make up immediately after procedure.
  • No marks from procedure remain at all.
  • Botox
  • Function is to temporarily paralyze nerves of mimic muscles which form wrinkles
  • Restylane
  • Role is to lift skin with volume by filling wrinkled grooves directly

Filler (Injection charging therapy)

If you are uncomfortable with surgery, then plastic surgery by injection is another good option!
Optima’s petite lower eyelid plastic surgery which uses filler assures safety!
  • While aesthetic enhancement without surgery is in the spotlight, procedures using fillers are becoming popular. The French word petite means ‘small and cute’; this procedure is a simple injection and is unnoticeable. No incision or suturing is required, so it does not cause any inconveniences to daily life at all and is popular with working people as well as students. Restylane or Aquamid are used as fillers, and has a wide-range of applications such as for nose-lifts, lower eyelid pretarsal fullness, removing lower eyelid wrinkles, expanding lip and so on.

Subjects of filler petite plastic surgery

Lower eyelid pretarsal fullness
  • As for restylane, the main ingredients are vegetables. Therefore, it is not necessary to examine for any side effects before procedure unlike other injections which were extracted from animals. Restylane is extremely safe compared to collagen and has much less absorption, so it has the benefit of lasting a long time. Of course, after six months, volume generally decreases about 50%, and remains in that state for about 1~2 years. It is important to note that face conditions change over time, so to continue looking natural by absorbing is one of the strengths of restylane. So there are many cases where people choose the filler procedure, such as restylane, instead of surgery.
    Highly satisfactory results can be achieved considering the short procedure time, and it is possible to reduce anxiety about the results after surgery. The fact that there are no side effects which can be caused by surgery is one of its greatest strengths.
Lip plastic surgery
As people age, lips become thin and form fine lines on the lip line, causing lipstick to seem spread. It is possible to perform plastic surgery for nice, thick and pretty lips by simple filler injection.
Facial Contour (Slanted wrinkle, dented cheek, temple, area under eyes etc)
As we age, cheeks start to sink down, and the face sags and in general looks bigger. At this time, if filler is used on nasolabial fold, hollow cheek, temple, lower eyelid area, then sagged skin would be lifted and volume renewed creating a ‘girlish looking face’.
Nose-lift and nose plastic surgery
A natural nose shape makes the shape of the eyes stand out. Procedures using fillers leave no stiffness behind, and it is possible on patients who have a thin skin layer. Also, other strengths are that there is no mark left due to the procedure and there is no significant bruising or swelling.
Strengths of filler petite plastic surgery
  • It is popular due to natural plastic surgery effect.
  • It is an injection procedure, so procedure time is short and convenient.
  • There is seldom bruising or swelling for it is not incised or sutured.
  • It is possible to wash and put on make up immediately after procedure, so it does not cause inconveniences to daily life.
  • There is no worry of side effects caused by anesthesia used in surgery.
  • Botox
  • Function is to temporarily paralyze nerves of mimic muscles which form wrinkles
  • Restylane
  • Role is to lift skin with volume by filling wrinkled grooves directly