• Project look ‘Girlish’-Transplantation of fat

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • Lower eyelid plastic surgery

Dark circle due to lower eyelid hollowness

  • Transplantation of fat stem cells with high level of precision & Satisfactory semi-permanent effect with ‘one-time procedure’!!
    Girlish looking plastic surgery which rectifies slanted wrinkles on front cheek including lower eyelid!!
  • In the case that the lower eyelid area is hollow or eyes appear unattractive due to dark circles caused by tissue in skin that is showing externally because the lower eyelid skin is thin, it is easily resolved with fat transplantation surgery.
    In order to maintain a natural expression, it is important to understand the muscular movement of the front cheek area and hollowness of lower eyelid area. In addition to creating a younger face and bright expression, the lifting effect increases the look of elasticity. Also, a younger impression would be obtained by re-administering fat to the papanasal area and front cheek.
    Furthermore, there is no need for additional transplantations. It is possible to get satisfactory results from a ‘one-time procedure’, which involves a placenta injection or additional stem cell or PRP or ‘transplantation of fat surgery to save fat stem cells’.
    Optima’s transplantation of fat surgery shows semi-permanent effects.
    The volume of transplanted fat seldom deteriorates due to highly precise techniques which decides success or failure of surgery by keeping cells ‘alive’ . The cells remain as one’s own fat tissue for a lifetime and does not further absorb engrafted fat, so it is one of the most effective and safest methods unlike methods that require several injections.
Optima’s stem cell transplantation of fat
  • It is effective to rectify hollow area under eyes/li>
  • Correct front cheek and slanted wrinkles including area under eyes
  • Safe due to self-fat tissue
  • Semi-permanent effect with ‘one-time surgical procedure’
  • Effect of making the face look smaller
  • It is possible to make a more womanly and younger face
  • Effect of creating an elastic and glossy look due to regeneration of capillary vessels