• Dynamic Composite Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery

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    • Lower eyelid plastic surgery

Method to protect expressions –Fat + Wrinkle + Dark circle due to looseness of skin

  • Abundant clinical cases & unparalleled existence of lower eyelid ‘Dynamic Composite Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery’!
    Director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic
    Who received the Excellent Speaker Award and invitations to numerous lectures of academic conferences in and out of Korea
  • Method to protect nerves saves dynamic expressions, so you would look 10 years younger naturally!
    This surgery makes it possible to delay aging, not a temporary effect.
    It is a form of plastic surgery that does not hide aging but overcomes it.
Masterpiece of lower eyelid plastic surgery, Dynamic Composite Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery-Method to protect expressions (Fat + Wrinkle + Pretarsal fullness)
  • In the case that lower eyelid fat is bulging and skin or muscle is sagging, the dark circles under the eyes can be reduced more precisely by using the existing lower eyelid fat to fill the dents. By fixing the sagging skin and lifting the muscle, the slanted wrinkles can be improved and the more charming lower eyelid flesh would be restored. As a result of minimal damage to muscles and nerves, it is possible to return to daily life quickly by reducing ectropion of the eyelid and keeping a natural expression.
Optima Dynamic Composite Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery-Method to protect expressions
  • Keep natural expression
  • Minimize ectropion of the eyelid
  • Effect of delayed aging – structural, functional
  • Improve slanted wrinkle by emphasizing lower eyelid muscle/li>
  • With fast recovery, the return to daily life is fast.
  • Effect to supplement pretarsal fullness, natural expression/li>
Lower eyelid muscle correction surgery
  • In the case that sagging of lower eyelid skin or color tinting is serious but lower eyelid fat is not serious.
    By fixing loosened muscles and removing sagging or tinted skin while keeping lower eyelid fat as it is at the same time, it is possible to restore the general inner structure under the eyes and reduce the speed of aging with full functionality.