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Rearrangement of fat through conjunctiva – Dark circle due to lower eyelid fat

  • Abundant clinical cases & unparalleled existence of lower eyelid ‘Fat movement surgery through conjuctiva’!
  • Director Lee, Anna who was invited to lectures from numerous academic conferences in and out of Korea over the past ten years
  • This surgery makes it possible to delay aging, not just temporarily.
    It is a form of plastic surgery that does not hide aging but overcomes it.
Masterpiece of lower eyelid plastic surgery, fat rearrangement through conjunctiva
  • Director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic, who researched and performed surgery with Dr. Del la Plaza, who was the first to established fat movement surgery through conjunctiva, performs lower eyelid plastic surgery. This surgery makes it possible to renew an aging face by rearranging the lower eyelid fat that deteriorates with age under the frame of your eyes.
  • Lower eyelid fat movement through conjunctiva does not leave external scarring caused by conjunctive incision inside the lower eyelid. It is not performed by simply cutting bulging fat but removes part of it and rearranges and disperses the rest of the fat around the dented bone of the eyeball along with the fat layer that is divided into three parts of the lower eye. Once this is accomplished it is then fixed.
    Unlike fat injection therapy, fat in the orbital cavity is rearranged, so nothing needs to be absorbed and the original amount of fat is maintained. Because fat is not removed, it is possible to prevent earlier loss of fat that would atrophy naturally with age. As a result, this procedure delays the speed of aging, reduces recurrence and does not cause hollow eyes. Correction for muscle around the eyeball is done at the same time, so it rectifies nose and supraorbital boundary more precisely. Additionally, the direction of Orbicjlaris Oculi is changed, killing two birds with one stone to emphasize pretarsal fullness.
Fat Rearrangement through conjunctiva of Optima
  • External scar is unseen.
  • Prevents hollow eyes or recurrence
  • Effect of delayed aging – structural, functional
  • No ectropion of the eyelid
  • With fast recovery, the return to daily life is fast.
  • Effect to supplement pretarsal fullness, natural expression
Speed lipectomy
  • This surgery reduces excessive lower eyelid fat through conjunctiva.
    It is possible to perform this simple surgery very quickly, and it is most effective when lower eyelid fat amounts are excessive and lower eyelid skin is not sagging.