• Necessity for a Hospital Specialized in
    Lower Eyelid Surgery

    • Ophthalmoplasty
    • Lower eyelid plastic surgery
We have great confidence. Unparalleled in lower eyelid plastic surgery! Unrivaled advanced surgery!
  • Director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic
    Who received the Excellent Speaker Award and invitations to numerous lectures of academic conferences in and out of Korea
  • This surgery makes it possible to delay aging more than temporarily.
    Plastic surgery that does not conceal age but overcomes it.
  • The place that transconjunctival orbital fat transposition surgerywas started (2000)
    - First in Asia
  • Transconjunctival surgery which does not ruins the lower eyelid pretarsal fullness without even external needle marks is the surgery to rearrange all of subocular fat not to throw away, it is possible to do fast recovery and conserve muscular functions around eyes, so it is the innovative surgery that can delay damage of expression and aging.
    As for this surgery which was performed from Optima for the first time in Asia since spring of 2000, nobody attempted in the prejudice that even specialists had too high level of difficulties.
    However, Director Lee, Anna passed this technique to numerous specialists through many academic activities with all her hearts, now many people can get subocular surgery with higher level safely.
  • The first place that nerve sparing-dynamic lower eyelid plastic surgery (2000)
    – The first in the world
  • The surgery to improve the muscular function around eye rather not to hurt expression of eyes, The surgery to restore lower eyelid pretarsal fullness by one’s own muscle not by foreign substances, Everybody said it was impossible, but Optima started.
    For the first time in the world, and clinical results of 10 years was presented to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2009) and educated through numerous academic activities in and out of Korea, So analysis of lower eyelid status and facial expression, and to save nerves and muscles became standard of plastic surgery of lower eyelid in the present.
    As for lower eyelid surgery, it was achieved by struggling long common idea that damage of expression was unavoidable and it was enough to pull by incising. Therefore, she made that lower eyelid surgery became big part of plastic surgery.
  • The purpose of Lower eyelid plastic surgery at Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic is to slow down the speed of aging and recover functionally by reverting the general inner structure under the eye to one that is representative of youthfulness.
    This process has been refined through numerous operations and we have absolute confidence in the stability of this surgery.
    The proper surgical method can be determined by thorough examination of the status of the skin, muscle or fat under the eyes.
  • Choosing the appropriate surgical method guarantees the effectiveness of surgery and fat transplantation and depends on a detailed understanding of the type of structure under the eyes that defines a youthful and bright expression. There is also the added benefit of lower eyelid improvement. A simple transplantation of fat does not have the same effect! This is the reason that Optima’s sub-ocular surgery is famous!
  • In addition, our ten years of experiences and knowledge of performing this procedure, and research with Dr. Del la Plaza, who established an advanced surgery technique called fat movement surgery through conjunctiva, is hard to compete with both in Korea and the rest of Asia.