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    • Professional management
      system after surgery
Prepared project for perfect beauty - Professional management system after surgery
  • Through our “Professional management system after surgery” (machine management by using ultrasonic waves and high frequency), a quick return to daily life is possible!
    • Promoting blood or lymph circulation
    • Increasing resistance by increasing metabolism
    • Promoting recovery of damaged nerves
    • Preventing contracture or development of early capsula
    • Effective to make natural and beautiful shape
  • From consultation before to after surgery, through regular follow-up monitoring, breast management by aesthetic and special nurses for outpatients, the beauty and confidence of every woman can be enhanced safely.
  • ‘For a beautiful line after breast surgery, following-up is crucial.’
  • Among women who are considering breast augmentation surgery, a common question is whether massaging is essential after breast augmentation surgery or not. The massage period and methods are different from hospital to hospital.
    However, the important thing is that massage therapy has the most considerable effect among all the methods to prevent capsular contracture after breast augmentation surgery. The degree of satisfaction and the result of surgery often differs according to how regularly and diligently the patient receives massages after augmentation surgery.
    In addition, massaging has an effect on maintaining a beautiful shape and naturalness. Therefore, massaging breasts by rubbing down like unwinding lumps by holding breast about 15 ~30 minutes every day helps to make a natural breast shape.

Capsular contracture (Breast becomes hardened.)

It is the characteristic side effect of breast augmentation surgery.
When foreign substances or medical devices enter the human body, a film called a capsula forms around it. If this capsula forms too thick around the implants, they can cause them to shrink drastically suppressing the implants and thus changing their shape into something resembling a baseball. It then hardens and may also cause the implants to move out of place.
To prevent this, it is best to get regular breast screening from a specialist, and Continuous Breast Massages for about six months would be helpful but cannot prevent contracture 100%.
When there is a possibility of capsular contracture, you should constantly monitor any changes through regular examination and take prevention measure such as medicine or external ultrasonic waves.
If serious contracture occurs, it is possible to remove the capsula through surgery and replace the implants. The occurrence ratio of capsular contracture of saline solution implants is about 1%.

  • A. Occurrence period
  • It may occur about 4~8 months after surgery. 60% of cases occur within 6 months and 30% occur between 6-12 months. In some rare cases, it may occur suddenly after 3~4 years.

  • B. Cause of occurrence
  • It could be caused by hematoma, necrotized tissue, response to an alien substance, contagion due to bacteria, powder of surgical gloves, changes in constitution (decline in immunity) and other responses. It also occurs in the case that proper management, like massaging after surgery, was not made.
  • C. Occurrence ratio
  • The danger of capsular contracture depends on the type of implant, characteristic of implant shell, and quality of contents, but it was reported that the probability of occurrence from saline solution implants with a textured surface is about 2~5%. It means that capsular contracture occurs in one breast or both breasts in 2~5 patients out of every 100. However, the occurrence ratio can be lowered depending on the surgical skill of the doctor, surgical environment, and the shape of implants.
  • D. Degree of contracture
  • - Grade Ⅰ Both the doctor and patient feel the breasts are soft and completely natural.

    - Grade Ⅱ Breasts are less soft and implants can be felt, but not seen, so the patient does not feel unhappy.

    - Grade Ⅲ Breasts harden further, and implants can easily be felt by hand, and sometimes visible to the naked eye. Patient can feel it now, too.

    - Grade Ⅳ Breasts are very hard and pain is caused by pressure, cold, and distorted implants are visible. Implants are plainly visible to others.

    At Grades I and II, the surgery can be considered to have been satisfactory.
    If it hardens to either Grades III or IV, the problem can be resolved through various treatments such as removing the capsula around implants by surgery or if the implants were put under the mammary gland, then it is substituted under the breast muscle.

※ In case that there is change by touching all the time with concerns for breast, it is possible to settle capsular contracture with various treatments of Optima by visiting or contacting with hospital as soon as possible