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    • Breast Augmentation
    • Incision points
  • Presently, there are four incision points for breast augmentation surgery which are being performed in Korea.

  • 01. Armpit incision
  • 02. Periareolar incision
  • 03. Incision line under breast
  • 04. Navel incision.

Armpit incision
  • This incision is made parallel with the wrinkle of the inner armpit; this method is used to ensure that only the most unnoticeable scar is left behind. The location of incision is very important. When it is located on the most upper part of the dimple in the armpit, it is unnoticeable from any angle.
    Some plastic surgery clinics advertise an armpit incision asserting that a scar would not be seen on the breast, but they do not have a perfect dissection process which is the most important thing. This could result in a need to consider reoperation. Currently, with the development of endoscope technology, bleeding is minimized, accuracy maximized and recovery period is reduced. It is possible to have a precise surgery by checking the inner part of the body through a monitor.
  • If you plan to get armpit incision surgery, please check whether the doctor uses an endoscope so as to not desquamate in a dense and unclear status, and if it is used, we recommend a doctor with abundant experiences in endoscope surgery.
  • It is the easiest method that doesn’t leave any scarring on the breast or cause trouble when breast feeding, but it has limitations when a patient wants to rectify sagging breasts at the same time. In addition, regarding choice of implants, in the case of saline solution implants, there are no limitations but in the case of cohesive gel implants, the size could be limited due to limitation of the incision line.
Periareolar incision
  • In the case of sagging breasts and special situations such as mismatched breasts, and re-surgery or accompanied deformation of the chest, this is the best method to get good surgical results. Another strength is that it is easy to approach each part of the breast from the center of the incision point.
    However, in the case that the periareolar diameter is less than 3cm, it is hard to get good results.
  • The periareolar skin heals well, so it is the most ideal place for the scar to remain unnoticed. However, sometimes the periareola can become tinted or byperplasia can occur on the incision scar, which are visible when looking directly at the breasts.
  • When implants are inserted through the incision around the periareola, the risk of exposure to bacteria increases greatly compared to other locations. It is commonly thought that the increased exposure to bacteria would increase the infection rate, but actually, there is no report that indicates that is true. However, bacteria around implants could be a major cause of capsular contracture, so incision around periareola would increase the risk of capsular contracture.

Incision line under breast
  • This method involves making an incision on the fold under the breast; about 3~4cm along the fold between the breast and the upper part of the belly. The surgery is short and simple, and it is easy to create any breast shape. It is possible to make space to insert implants precisely, and the patient can recover quickly due to less pain and bleeding.
  • In the past, this method was not used on Asians because scars were noticeable, but since the scar is covered by the breast, it is not as visible as once thought.
  • Especially in cases where the individual wants a considerable increase in breast size or to get surgery by using a textured surface among cohesive implants, this method has various strengths.
Navel incision
  • This method uses an endoscope to insert implants after securing passage to breast tissue through minimum incision along the naval area.
  • This incision has the strength of being able to use your arms without any particular inconvenience after surgery, but it is only possible to use saline solution implants. In the case that the distance between the nipple and fold under the breast is short, it is difficult to make breasts look natural because it does not lower the line under the breasts sufficiently.