• Optima Breast Augmentation

    • Breast Augmentation
    • OptimaBreast Augmentation
  • Precise and safe Breast Augmentation through high-tech endoscope equipment
    (USA snowden-pencer Company)
    • It is possible to desquamate tissue precisely by use of the endoscope, so as to bring about satisfactory results.
    • It minimizes damage of tissue and bleeding, so patients recover quickly after the surgery. (There is no need for draining)
    • With proper dissection and minimization of bleeding, it is possible to minimize side effects such as inflammation or Capsular contracture.
  • ‘Optima’s no touch Breast Augmentation’, one day is enough!
    • No contact with mammary gland.
    • Minimize damage of tissue,
    • Remove operating implants.
    • It prevents Capsular contracture and there is no pain after surgery!
  • Use implants certified by the FDA.
  • Optima uses genuine products with certificates of authenticity from two companies, Mentor and McGhan (INAMED) which were verified by the FDA. Optima uses implants which are verified for safety and it is possible to get a guarantee after surgery.
    In addition, we do not insist on only one type, but use various implants such as round, tear drop, textured, and smooth type to suit the characteristics of each individual patient.

  • Determine implants of the most ideal size by using a sizer.
  • Optima plastic surgery clinic uses sizer bags which come in various sizes and shapes of implants during surgery. This helps to determine the appropriate size and shape of implants for the physique and skin of patients.

  • Anesthesiologist resides and Optima possesses high –tech anesthesia equipment
  • For the safety of the patient during surgery, an anesthesiologist is present and keeps patients safe throughout the entire surgery until the moment the patient wakes up from the surgery.
    With the use of the anesthetic cevoflurane, which is the latest and most expensive anesthetic, there are hardly any side effects such as making a wrong decision or vomiting and it is possible to recover quickly.

  • Optima’s 24-Hour Recovery System
  • With endoscopic no touch Breast Augmentation surgery and advanced anesthesia, it is possible to have surgery and leave the hospital within a day.
    Intercostal anesthesia (anesthesia which gets rid of pain by blocking nerves which are passing under the rib temporarily) is performed during the surgery, so the patient experiences little pain after surgery.
    Furthermore, the recovery period is short, so people who have jobs or reside in the local area or overseas can return to their daily lives quickly.

  • Professional management system after surgery (Machine management by using ultrasonic waves and high frequency)
    • Promoting blood or lymph circulation
    • Increases resistance by boosting metabolism
    • Promotes recovery of damaged nerves
    • Prevents contracture phenomenon or early capsula development
    • It is effective to give a natural and beautiful shape
  • Breast plastic surgery with good results
  • Optima plastic surgery clinic produces good results by use of an endoscope, no touch procedure and 24-hour recovery system, and leaves you with a beautiful breast line with few side effects.
    Rest assured!
    We are professionals of breast plastic surgery with 15-years of experience and know-how that guarantee satisfactory results.

    • Director Lee, Anna of Optima plastic surgery clinic has accumulated a lot of experience by participating in surgeries with Dr.Lejour, who is the ambassador (expert) of international breast plastic surgery, Dr. Benelli of France, Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findely of Canada, Dr. Lin of Taiwan, Kanakawa Clinic of Japan, Dr. Tebbets of the USA among others. In addition, she performed a Live Surgery Breast Augmentation seminar with Dr. Maxwell of the USA, who is the establisher of tear drop implants of international breast implants McGhan (INAMED) for many specialists of plastic surgery.