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title Misknown common sense for breast
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Breast Best Q&A Stories for breast which we know as usual.

Properly know the common sense for breast

1. Would breast be bigger by touching?

Yes! Breast could be bigger a little by affecting secretion of hormone etc by touching breast. However, it is too much hopes to be bigger by just touching small breast. It is possible to make healthier breast with exercise and nutritional supplements.

2. When going on a diet, breast is the first area to lose weight?

YES! In the center of breast, there is mammary gland which fat tissue is piled up. According to the size of this fat tissue, the size of breast is different. Therefore, excessive diet reduces size of breast and elasticity would be removed, If you control weight by taking high-protein, then you can keep beautiful breast.

3. Breast of mother is my breast?

YES! Mother’s genetic factor is born by birth. However, the change of growing condition according to acquired nutrients, so if you want to make more beautiful breast than mother, then take even nutrition.

4. The color of nipple of virgin is bright?

NO! The color of nipple becomes darkened with pregnancy and childbirth, but virgin could have dark nipple according to content of melanin pigment. Therefore, remember that to divide whether virgin or not is foolish.

5. Is it good to wear bra in sleep?

NO! Usually, making activities not to wear bra, breast would be sagging due to influence of gravity, but in sleep, the direction of gravity would be changed, so it does not influence on breast.

If it would be relieved from tighten bra even during sleep, it is possible to make more elastic and healthier breast.

6. Breast would be flabby when sleeping on stomach?

YES! Breast would be sagging downward due to influence of gravity when standing! Fat is fluidic, so in case to sleep on your stomach, there is many cases that center of gravity would be flabby or partial to one side due to influence of pressure. Therefore, to have habit to sleep in proper posture in sleep is basic to make pretty breast.