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title Breast and character
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Breast Character It possible to know the character of women by shape and size of breast.

Big Breast

Type which have abundant life experiences

It is the type to pursue freewheeling life and hate to be chained.

In addition, personal relationship is good, so she has sociality to exchange closely with anybody. And she has delicate sensitivity, so she has abundant life career.

However, she likes to be in relationship with friends, but dislikes the conversation which opens herself up, so it is impossible to know the truth.

This woman has character of double-sidedness which is magnanimous and delicate, so she shows talents as a leader by displaying ability to lead moods.

She often gets angry, but she has upright character to recognize her fault and apology when it is her fault of a certainty. Therefore, it is good to marry a man who has open character and energy. However, if she marries a man who is thin and nervous, then she needs to prepare her heart to share and be responsible everything.

Small breast

Type which has high ideal for men

This is the type who does not refuse requests of others at all.

Character is open and optimistic, kind and likes to help others.

However, due to those characters, sometimes she is treated as a person who likes to mind other people’s business. Therefore, it is necessary not to show concern for anybody, and to set method by considering situations of things. This woman is frank and sentimental, but has very high ideal for men. However, she makes her efforts for everything, and does her best to do her responsibility for the determined things. She is the type of good wife and wise mother who assists with her responsibility in family life; it would be attractive. The only fault is that she is absorbed in her duties too much, so she cannot look around her situations, so she would be overworked or damages her health. Her pleasant character to cope matters with humorous attitude is win men’s favor. However, to understand honesty of man, it is god to investigate his background and daily life, and especially women who have relationship with the men enough before marriage.

In addition, she has weak physical constitution, so it is good to avoid the relationship with men who have very busy occupation, and it would be easy to have relationship with men with other works. In addition, it is good that the gap of age is not to big between husband and wife.

Abundant breast

Type which is so much family-oriented

She is so much family-oriented type; she wins worldly anxiety well and makes efforts to maintain happiness and peace of family. However, she is gentle by appearance, but she has severe emotional changes, so she has changes of heart due to minor things always. In addition, it is clear to express for good and evil and love and hatred for others, but not to put those in heart for a long time, and forget easily soon after things are solved.

This woman could be ideal woman which is drawing in the hearts of many men. Abundant breast helps skillfulness as for technique of sexual love, so it is enough to give great satisfaction for men. However, if her husband does not regard family as important, and care his wife thoughtfully, then she can leave soon by looking for the man who loves her only.

If man does sex by his will only regardless will of women, then she does not feel excitement or satisfaction at all, In addition, she does not forget her memories of childhood, so there are many cases to think her parents and house after marriage. She has strong jealousy, so she doubts her husbands’ love for her and has anxieties. So, she has sharp observation to notice whether her husband is cheating or not soon.

Hemispherical breast

Type which has drastic change of devotion

It is the type with lots of good fortune to have kind friends; it is common for women who have round facial type.

Character is simple and frank but she is good to forget well and shrewd. In addition, emotional change is drastic, so sometimes she is passionate and silent.

This woman is very faithful to her psychological situation very much, so there are many cases to be seen as hysterical. However, she has lots of good fortune to have kind friends, so she gives good impression to people.

And she takes a man in the moods of love skillfully, so let the man to feel joy and excitement of pleasure. She is good spouse for the man who bears lots of hardships. 

As for occupation of men, it is good every works such as employee, self-employed or the work that coupe can work together etc, and as for marriage life, it is difficult to avoid conflictions in the unit of large family, so it is good nuclear family unit.

Flat and small breast

Type with strong individuality

This is the type of theorist with very strong individuality.

Earlier period of marriage, she obeys the words of husband and parents-in-low, but after some time passes, then she nominates her opinion, so troubles between mother-in-low and emotional conflictions with husband. Like this, she has strong character, but delicate, so she likes to floral arrangement or raising pets, and shows off aesthetic sense for decorating house, making handcraft etc, and has hobby to develop difficult cooking skills by researching recipes due to her developed palate. 

In addition, she has abundant imagination so she does pay no attention to actual physical deformity and satisfies to combination and spiritual bond between couple. As for the suitable marriage spouse, it is good that the man with complete power of execution and is taciturn and has strong patience. This man is not to be moved to emotions and is stubborn, but he treats his wife with love and softness, so the woman who put spiritual life as important can trust and rely.

Breast of bag type

Type which is gentle and devotional

It is the type which is gentle and devotional.

However, she has weak will, so if man does not count the meaning of truthful love of woman, then she is grieved and weeps, and gives up by herself for the man.

Many of this type are robust and abundant women, but often open eye for sexual love. However, erogenous zone is very developed, so she would be more skillful day by day, so her womanly beauty after marriage is showing off. In addition, she is soft and gentle, so she makes the moods of house bright, so let her tired husband for works all day can take a rest comfortably.

Unlike this delicate and diligent woman, the man who has courage to take any challenges not to submit forces is matched for the best. Because, this woman is the type who are waiting for her person in love to come back after work by preparing warm dinner as well as water for bath completely.

As for marriage spouse, employee worker is most suitable and small gap of age is good.

Breast toward up

Type which is enthusiastic about expressing affection

It is the type of mild and reliable character and to devote for man whom she loves.

She is very careful, and has very active method to express love, so is enthusiastic about dating or sexual love. But she is not a lustful or wanton woman.

When she chooses a person to go out on a date based on principle of marriage, her belief for affection is consistent, so she does not hesitate to volunteer for the man whom she loves for her whole life, and displays her best talents from cleaning to laundry and cook. In addition, she is the type who gets lots of love not only from her husband but also mother-in-law due to her charming, one of the biggest weapon.

Breast which has big nipples

Type which has no womanly softness

It is the type which has manly will with very strong individuality.

She liked to get along with male friends in her childhood and competes her ability with men in the social life, too. She hates to be suppressed and makes distinction truth and false, decides things resolutely and expresses her will clearly.

So she gives strong impression. But there is no womanly softness.

She is actionist with very strong ego, so she hates to bend down her knees.

And there are cases to be failed from marriage due to confliction with husband for her strong opinion, but she endures the pain of divorce well and makes her life by coming under a yoke for her fault.

The time when womanly attraction is showing off at most is that she obeys to a man completely falling in love. However, it the man is just enjoying, and then her fury explodes, so the man can get horrible things.

As for marriage spouse, the man with rather poor weak man would be proper. Then she regards to volunteer by taking economic responsibility of family as the meaning of life. As for the occupation of marriage spouse, self-employed man is good and large gap of age can lead smooth development.

Breast with large gap

Type which is rather self-righteous

Character is open and pleasant, but sometimes bluffing.

And she is intent up whatever, and is the type to make efforts to settle what she asked.

She has weak power to endure in difficulties, but likes adventure and hates to be chained.

She does not like to command to others and listen to others’ advice, so she is rather self-righteous. This woman expresses her love excessively, so love and hatred is clear, and is very individual woman who does not want to be with her lover all day long.

In addition, she judges right and wrong, and good and evil clearly, and does not press her dissatisfaction inwardly. And she has strong decision, so she moves into whatever she decides.

In a word, she is in the group of justice with character that cannot accept injustice thing.

As for marriage spouse, the man who can get along with anybody and is pleasant and optimistic is suitable.

However, he should not be frivolous and be mild and broad heart. The marriage with first son would be avoided as much as possible, and the man who gains weight a little and robust physique is good. As for occupation of marriage spouse, it is good the occupation of self-employed or doctor, and with professional skill, Before marriage, the life would be rather difficult and sometimes, there are conflicts with parents, but after marriage, the fortune is changed, so it would be comfortable and happy family life. 

Breast with narrow gap

Type which pleases the man well

It is the type to please man well and like to interfere impertinently.

It is the strong character who do not admit failure; she want to have the truths of all men to herself.

This woman has very strong sexual ability and abundant date experiences, so she devotes for beautiful love. Technique of sexual love is relatively skillful, and has interesting for various ways such as exercise, literature, music etc, but does not spend all energy due to that.

As for marriage spouse, the man who is rather stubborn, actionist, and has intellectual and open character is suitable. Especially, the person who knew all the angles of world already in childhood is better. This man trusts wife, so he leads family not to interfere wife. One thing that you should notice is never marry a frivolous and hypocritical man. That can avoid all of your own doing.