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title Breast and sex
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Sex tendency of woman according to shape and size of breast

1. Relation between breast and sex

On movie channel of cable TV which is going out in the dead of night, abundant breast of young beautiful woman with good figure as well as appearance with sex scene of man and woman without exception. Those are minor works with poor stories, but lots of men might be sleepless during night due to erotic scenes which are hard to see.

The actresses in here are almost unknown, but their abundant, elastic and glossy bust more than 1m would be seem to secure audiences in some degree. Do men have desires to bury their faces between soft breasts of women?

The beauty, Yang Kuei-fei who caused the An Shi Rebellion on that period was beauty with white skin and pretty breast. She became beloved queen of Hyunjong, but actually she was woman of King Su, the first prince, but his father took her and made her queen.

However, the reason that she is popular for many people more than thousand years is her beautiful breast. Therefore, the story might be told if bust of Yang Kuei-fei is smaller a few cm, then she would not meet such a miserable death like that.

2. Relation between nipple and sex

Like this, the reason that breast of women becomes topic is that there is opinion that breast of women makes their fortune like nipple fortune telling based on average proportion of Stratz. That is, he insisted that it is possible to know character and sexual life by looking nipple of woman. The length from nipple to the Adam’s apple, the dented area under neck is A, between left and right nipples is B, from nipple to naval is C, and each length is measured.

If A is longer than B, and B is longer than C, she has strong sexual desire and asks sex actively, and is good at housework, and frugal wife type. On the contrary, A is longer than B and C is longer than B, the interest for sex is normal and sensitivity is not too good. And she is very jealousy and lots of words for everything. In addition, B is longer than A and B is longer than C, then she is the type who enjoys sex by herself. So there are many cases that women lead their husbands. Among same ages, women in this type lose their virginity fastest.

If length of A and B is same and C is longer than B, then it is the physical constitution to feel orgasm double times than others and is good to response. Only, she is good at passion for sex and asks it intensively, so the man cannot bear her unless he is strong enough.

3. Relation between areola and sex

Character or sex of women could be known by guessing uplift of breast rather than physique whether the women are fat or thin. First of all, due to size and color of areola, it is possible to know fortune of children of the woman. If diameter is less than 10mm, period is irregular and it is easy to miscarry or give premature birth and there are possibilities of sterility. If it is 10~26mm, there are possibility to give birth to more than three children, and if it is more than 27mm, it is belong to good layer.

In addition, in case of women who are planning to marry soon, the brown color than pink color is finer product ability. However, uplift of breast which is the attraction of woman, i.e. breast becomes to men’s before childbirth and children’s after childbirth to regret.

4. Nipple of men

Then why men have nipples? The reason for this is simple. When we were in the womb of mother, it is the trace that creator assigned almost same function to both sides not to decide whether man and woman.

However, after direction of development of sex is decided to male due to influence of male hormone which is starting to secret about eight weeks of embryo, then the breast is unnecessary, so it becomes smaller due to atrophy phenomenon. This is truth like an untruth; this atrophy phenomenon is not made progress well, so there are men with big breast or breast which milk comes out sometimes. Fortune telling due to breast is not unreliable, but it would be one enjoyment?