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title Breast and orgasm
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Caress of breast is natural thing~

Breast and orgasm

There are words that women with too much sensitive breast are easy to get breast cancer. This is baseless words. The thing that breast is sensitive is emotional problems and far from diseases. In addition, caress for breast is too much, there are worries that it would be cause of breast cancer, but any physical stimulation does not cause breast cancer, so have a relief.

There are no fewer women who reach orgasm easily due to only one caress for breast.

On the contrary, there are people who feel displeasure.

Sensitive degree of breast depends on people, so it is impossible to regard either of them as abnormal. Only, the word that the symbol of men is testicles, the symbol of women is breast is not wrong absolutely.

Caress act for breast is tendency to speak openly by thinking as abnormal sexual acts, this very natural thing, and it is possible to see that almost of all people enjoy this.

Relation between breast and orgasm?

Breast is one of the most sensitive parts of female body.

When it touches to stiff things or bumps, it can feel pain like testicles of men.

In addition, it is the one of the most sensitive part sexually.

Sexual sense can have differences according to the period, mostly, it is most sensitive at ovulatory phase and it would be more sensitive after adolescence.

The sexual function of breast is already appeared at the period that does not have ability to be pregnant after adolescence. So, in pregnancy, the sensitiveness comes to reach peak. Of course, the sensitive degree depends on status and age, but it is sure that more sensitive area than other areas is breast. The sensitive degree of breast has difference according to individual, but there is no standard which is normal and which is abnormal, so there is no need to pay attention to the sense of breast too much.

Sensitivity of breast due to sexual stimulation appears in various ways according to people, too. Mostly, when people would be excited sexually, nipple would be erected and solid due to shrink of muscle and increase of blood circulation. In addition, there is tendency that breast is soaring upwards to the center. At this time, areola is swelling, sometimes.

Phenomenon like these reaches to peak when it reaches status of orgasm, and returns to the normal situation again.

To most of women, stimulation of breast gives sexual pleasure. Therefore, many women enjoys caress of breast by loves.

Stimulation to be touched or sucked by mouth is the factor to make female breast most sensitive.