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title Stories of breast per country
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Beauty story Now, shall we listen to stories for breast per each country?


Beautiful breast which has kept in the conservative tendency

The place that breasts of women are most overprotected is UK; the growth rate of bra market is the highest in the world. Unlike USA, English women who prefer solid pad cup do not get used to out of bra at home as usual.

Besides, they do not withdraw conservative eyes for T-shirts which shows nipple in the street without bra.

However, the atmosphere to oppose this is easily discovered in London which has tradition and innovation together. To wear tank top without wearing bra is considered the best clothes which match best with the piercing on the tongue. Bra of English women touches more breasts of UK than hands of English men, the breast of English women which is formed by perfect bra cup since childhood is much beautiful appearance than that of any European women.


Breast which presents pleasure and health

Magnificent mountain tops of Sweden spurt milk. In Sweden, there are 99% of women who breastfeed baby four months after birth. This numerical value is amazing by considering that the case of Korea is 41% and the case of UK is 24%.

This remarkable number is played a role by status of Sweden that men share all of house works together and maternity leave of men is allowed generously. These happy women of Scandinavia do breast feeding babies only by watching TV.

One editor of magazine in Sweden said that the future of Sweden would be bright, and suggested different prospect that the reason that men live a long life might be same.

Regardless of shapes, it is like to assign pleasure and health to their partners together.


Attractive and lovely breast

As for French women, it is not too difficult thing to expose breast. Last year, as a result of survey according to a magazine, the people who would be surprised to see the people who exposed their breast at the seashore are only 4% of the whole.

It was appeared that women which over 1/4 of the female population of the whole prefer the naked breast rather wearing bra or hiding breast in daily lives. Due to those reasons, traditionally, breasts of French women are small without elasticity.

To find a woman with hemispheric round breast in France is possible from girls in growth period. However, French men who see breast of those women and French women have no special concern for size, curve, elasticity etc, too.

Rather, the thing that French men shows concern for, so women pay more attention to is attractive and lovely nipples.


Too small or too big breast

Last year, scientist of Rome opened the first nipple for experiment. This nipple which was made of purified pig cell is expected that it would be possible to fix on the breast which is made of woman’s own DNA.

Silicon nipple would be gone now? David Sharp, the most powerful authority of breast plastic surgery in UK said that “nipple is located on the peak of breast, and many things are suppressed on it. Nipple which is made by using skin graft tissue could be rather flat.”

Regardless of the result of this result, women of Italy have very small or very big breast. Women in Rome have very big breast of bottle shape, so it is subject of admiration from their partners, and Milan, that is women in northern part of Italy are loved in other point of view with their perfect bell shape breast though it is smaller than average.

Anyway, for Italy men, the breast of the women in their country seems enough.


Small areola and breast

Breast of Korean women has been tightened of Hanbok skirt for a long time. For example, big breast in Joseon dynasty is symbol of nice women, so volume and rich breast is rather the subject of complain.

Due to genetic factor of this historical background, breast of Korea women are not big.

It shows areola with smaller diameter and absolutely small size in comparison with China at a glance. It is similar size to Japan, but it is classified to have higher breast. And nipple is much smaller than Japanese women. Now, in Korea, the desire for bigger breast promotes bra development competition of lingerie companies. Of course, it is not strong for big breast like Europe or USA, but Korea developed bras with curve and size in want after only several decades than they did more than one century. Therefore, sometimes Korean men are deceived by those bras completely.


Breast which is not seen even one time

According to thesis of Elaine Schroder, ‘Sexual acts of Nepal Chetri Bramin Women’, Nepal women never reveal their breast in the sunshine, and never touched by themselves.

Women should wear clothes when sex, or childbirth, even taking a bath, and if there are part of female body that can do caress or stroke is only thigh and hip. Not surprisingly, there exist no words to call physical organs of women in Nepal language, and little dialect to describe sexual acts of women is translated log, corpse, and stone literally. Is there anyone who can say they saw the breasts of Nepal women?


Kimono- Suppression of breast

Traditionally, most of Japanese women wore kimono in daily life, it includes tying breast which is the custom for 1600 years. Arthur S. Golden, the writer of <Memoirs of a Geisha> said like this:

‘They put up padding around hip and use something like special bra to press breast, that is whatever to remove natural curve of body.’ Bra used to wear kimono by Japanese women is made of white muslin of 12 folds, it reduces average breast size of Japanese women as body of children with A cup. However, like a report that breast of women becomes bigger as it is islands, current Japanese women have breasts which are not small, and body without kimono is quite glamorous. However, to Japanese women who want to get the best praise that every woman want to get is ‘cute’, big breast is not much proud thing.


Elasticity of special breast

Blessing land of nature. Women in Australia show conservative tendency as for wearing bra and mind topless like influence of UK. However, women in Australia speak openly that they get orgasm through caress of breast not to compare to any other parts.  

Unlike Asia, not by narrowing, passive answers of most of Korean women said that they got pleasure from warm unity, according to careful research of one media, women in Australia answer that it is regardless to give satisfaction to partners and there is no problem to breastfeed and whether breast is big and small. According to one unique research, elasticity of breast of Australian women is great in special degree, and aging makes slow progress, too. One interesting results is deep, various and tenacious concern for size of sexual organs of their partners.


Preposterous exposure of breast

In 1997, the case that Ontario appellate court dismissed the suit which was prosecuted a woman of 19 years old who went shopping to a shop by wearing topless as sin of the corruption of public morals promoted dispute of topless in all over Canada.

The judge recognized that woman exposed breast legally, and expressed it effectively. About her vague morality by going around by wearing topless proudly, women came to agree, and Linda Mayer said like as follows: ‘I never thought my lovely nipple lubriciously at all.’ Canadian women who think they have much prettier breast compared to American never special burdens to wear topless actually. However, by arousing that breast would have lots of fats as the land becomes colder, the Americans think that breasts of Canadian women would be not pretty as they think.


Exaggerated concept for breast

USA prohibited revealing sexual organs in public place legally. This include nipple which is the sexual organs of women. Mayer Bob Bends of Hermosa Beach of California who was infuriated at this old-fashioned law which return numerous tourists who enjoy topless appeared by naked on the waist.

It means ‘I can go around topless. However, why women cannot?’. Since after, policemen decided not to arrest European tourist who enjoy sunbathing by topless. However, it is not easy to meet American by topless at Palm Beach still now. Passive women to expose breast compared to European people invest lots of expenses and efforts to care breast on the contrary, but their breast is not half of half of porno stars whom they are admiring.

Puerto Rico

Gift to have big breast

Since 1980s, as matured girls of Puerto Rico more than age of 8-9 years came to wear bra, women with big breast was increased. Elementary boys who like to frisk by pulling bra came to be excited.

However, scientist became bewildered, and as for causes of this phenomenon, it was mentioned that fat cell and food hormones. Michael Premack, the specialist of pediatrics of Duke University Medical Center said like this. ‘Elementary boys are falling into girls with bulging breast.’ However, big and early developed breast can give pleasure to sex or breast feeding, but in other aspects, it is not gift of god. Due to too much big breast of girls, women in Puerto Rico appeal pain of neck and waist, and have difficulties such as bending posture etc. However, women in Puerto Rico bear it, too. To have big breast is gift of god…


Country of common nude

Hot Drama which secures viewers of astronomical number filled with scenes which show naked breast of women every week in spite of not too much glamorous background of tropical rain forest.

One magazine of Brazil reported that 83% of viewers do not feel special inconveniences for the nude scenes of the residents, and more than half are watching this drama due to that.

According to results of investigation of San Paolo University, the number of scene which nipples are shown in TV of Brazil which is the country Rio Carnival is average 2290 times per week. However, Brazilian women have great confidence that they are regarded as people with best breast in South America, but their breast is getting aged pretty fast. Therefore, their breast in great size turns into bottle shape so soon, so Brazilian men makes sorry for that?