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title Breasts in the paintings
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Beauty Story Shall we talk about beautiful breasts with famous paintings?

The Birth of Venus

One of the Botticeli’s Greatest Masterpieces

1487, tempera on canvas, Galleria degli Uffizi

It is the one of the greatest masterpiece of Botticeli with <La Primavera>. According to one report, wine glass which can meet always, especially champagne flute is made by breast of women as model in history.

Especially, Helene, the queen of cause of the Trojan War made shape of golden glass for god by her breast as model, and breasts of Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette and Venus is regarded most ideal breast even nowadays.

Venus and Mars

Illicit love in famous painting

1485년, tempera on woodblock, London, National Gallery

Two people in this painting are in peaceful in the last degree. In front of Venus, Mars, the god of War who symbolizes man is falling in deep sleep by taking off arming, and fauns are playing with spear and helmet of Mars.

La Primavera

Venus & Arrow of Cupid

1476, tempera on woodblock, Firenze, Galleria degli Uffizi

As for works of Botticelli, <The Birth of Venus> and <La Primavera> are pointed out as masterpieces, these two works were designed as large paintings originally, and each appears roles of Venus who means love and beauty of heaven and earth respectively.

Cupid, the god of love aims fire arrow on the head of Venus in the forest of evening glow in full bloom, and on the left, Hermes who is appeared as envoy of gods usually is seen, and three Graces of Beauty who are wearing transparent cloth like flowing are dancing by drawing circle next to him. And goddess of spring who is decorating the whole body with flowers on the right and goddess of flower is appearing by pushing by god of wind.

Minerva and the Three Graces

Compromise with classicism and romanticism

Minerva, the goddess of wisdom is blowing recorder by visiting fountain of Mountain Herakon which was formed by horseshoes of Pegasus.

She blesses three muses by saying ‘it is happy thing to stay by enjoying appreciation for the arts in such a beautiful place like this’ by looking grassland in full blossom, forests and caves with old-world trees.

It is the work of Gleyer who describes world of mystery in reality by compromising classicism and romanticism.

Minerva who taking off her clothes

Minerva, the woman in a battle

Minerva is the goddess who subjects battles originally and goddess of wisdom at the same time, and later she was regarded as protector of literature.

She is the virgin goddess like virtuous Diana, and her naked body is rare like special situation such as ‘The Judgment of Paris’.

This work is one of the Italy paintings in the end of Renaissance, the theme that Minerva, the virtuous virgin goddess is taking off is rare, so it is find the examples.

Adam and Eve

Perfect Human Character

1504, Copperplate, Vien, Drawing Art Museum

Dürer is German painter who represents northern Renaissance and is much famous than Leonardo or Michelangelo in that period in Europe.

Well-proportioned formula became basis of every work of Dürer, this work is born as one of its accomplishment. Parrot around Adam and Eve means wisdom and charity, and snake is envoy of Satan.

The four animals of cat, rabbit, deer and cow mean bilious temperament, hot temperament, melancholic temperament, and phlegmatic temperament, and this expresses temperaments of human beings.

He created perfect human character which is God’s figure as it is.

The Three Graces

Goddess of Silence & Innocence & Love

1504~05, Oil painting

Raffael’lo is painter and architect of Italy.

He is the one of the three masters who completed classical art of Renaissance with Leonardo Da Vince, Michelangelo, and he became legendary existence as happy and sophisticated elite artist who enjoyed best worldly success and social honor.

This picture is called as the Three Graces generally since ancient sculpture and the material is extracted from Greek myth.

Three women hold apples on their hands, and it means silence, innocence and love.

Madonna Litta

Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary

About1490, tempera on canvas

Though this picture was drawn by Beltraffio, the best pupil of Leonardo, after lots of discussion, it is true that this picture devoted a lot to Leonardo Da Vinci.

The era of this work is about 1490, maybe the work of <Virgine delle Rocce> in the same period.

The theme of ‘the Virgin Mary who breastfeeds baby Jesus’ was drawn repeatedly since the end of 12th century.

One thing to notice is the small bird on left of baby Jesus, it means eternity.

A Woman bathing in a Stream

Vivid light and woman

1655, oil painting on panel, London, National Gallery

Rembrandt expresses youngness of his second wife, Hendrickje fully in this very small picture.

Her devotion and his affection and trust for that made arts of Rembrandt more stand out.

Vivid female body in the sunshine and female body which is reflected on the water surface are exposed in the shadowed waterside, calm and peaceful scene in the nature is showing.

Bethsabée au bain

Obligation of chastity and desire

1654, oil painting on canvas

Themes related to Bathsheba attracted concerns of Rembrandt since 1630s. He drew young woman who just finished bath, she is wandering between chastity and obligation for her husband, Uriah and desire of King David.

She is holding letter of king to call her to royal palace and maid is helping her trimming camly.

The Nude Maja

First naked

About 1798~1805, oil painting on canvas, Madrid, El Prado Museum

There are rare nudes of women in Spanish painting. This work is the first naked which exposes public hair of woman rather than nude. The traditional woman of Spain was expressed in powerful reality by escaping classical theme of sleeping Venus. Goya handles the prohibited theme, but his work is evaluated as the most frank and enchanting picture in art history.

The Clothed Maja

Bright and splendid colors

1798~1805, oil painting on canvas

This is the work of Goya, too, needless to say again, it is very famous work which is making a couple of <The Nude Maja>.