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title Definition of breast
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Breast is one of the external genitalia as female organ of breast feeding at a word.

At the point to raise children by breast feeding, breast which takes charge of part of reproduction develops rapidly after adolescence, has forms hemispheric a pair of shapes which was projected about 3~5cm on pectoralis major muscle in front of chest for matured girl. It is up and down 10~12cm and left one is slightly bigger than right one. Weight is about 150~200g and the first secreting fluid after childbirth is orange color, it is called colostrums.

As for forms or sizes, it depends on individual, age, ethnic group, and it depends on working period of mammary gland. In case of matured women, it is hemispherical shape with corpus mammae and subcutaneous tissue, and it is on pectoralis major muscle, the location is almost height of ribs of the 2~6. The area dented between left and right breast is called center of breast(膺中) and the cylindrical uplifted part which is bottom part of center of breast is called nipple.

There are individual differences of length and size of nipple. Surface of nipple has lots of wrinkles, and there are lots of openings of lactiferous drifts between cracks between those. There is elastic muscular lattice tissue which penetrates through inner part of nipple, so it stood up nipple, so it is made good to bite by baby. Around nipple, there is areola, the ring shaped band of brown color, and there is no fat at areola, but lots of smooth muscle fibers and sweat glands.

In addition, there are special areolar glands (Montgomery’s gland); it is a kind of Glandulae sudoriferae majors. In pregnancy, pigmentation is marked, so it becomes dark brown, and after childbirth, its color leaves just as it is. As for anlage of breast, there exist several couples on the mammary gland which draws to the upper part of pubic symphysis (치골상연) medianly, in case of human, first couple in the forth is developed. Rarely, other anlages are developed, so there are cases to make three or four couples of breasts or nipples. This is called polymastia or pleomastia. In breast, especially, there are many lymphatic vessel, so network of lymphatic vessel in areola, lymphatic vessels come from this gather to armpit. When it is breast cancer, the reason that it is spread to lymphatic gland of armpit soon is due to this.