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title What is beautiful breast?
Name optima date 2011-11-03

The Venus de Milo, by examining its beautiful breasts, those are conical breasts which is projected forward adequately and round, so the size is not too big nor too small, and nipples are toward a little upward from the center of breast, and the whole breast is felt like sagging gently, it is considered as the most ideal breasts aesthetically.

Western women do not feel shy for the exposure of breast. In there, as formal dress was women’s dresses to expose breast about half, so the admiration for breast was animated. Compared to the West, in the East, small and petite breast was considered as beautiful one, so it was not to be developed by being tightly bound.  

Japanese women who had so small breasts due to kimono were relieved from kimono in the present, enormous big breasts are very common now. Even lots of D cup and F cup were produced and sold at lingerie shop. In Korea, breasts become bigger due to changes of clothes and increase of fat diet from the period with lots of sagging breast by suppressing by skirt of hanbok.

Breast is made of fat tissue, so it gains weight together if you get weight, and loses weight, and then it has no relationship with survival, so it loses weight first of all. However, though physique is small and thin, there are many cases to have very big breasts, and size of breast is determined due to hormone status or heredity already. Therefore, so after maturation of breast is over, then it is not bigger than a certain degree though you gained weight so much, and it is true that though you are taking diet so much, but there is no method do reduce big breast without relying on surgery.

Curve of physique which is appeared by size of breast-waist-hip is like a symbolized code now. Now, it is hoped to be more glamorous from 34-24-34 to 36-24-36m but maybe these numbers mean big breast and big hip with thin height? It is the combination of almost impossible numbers. However, in case of Asian women, height is relatively small, so it is considered ideally that about 4~5cm is smaller than size of hip.