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title Ideal breast size
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Lingerie experts say that height × 0.52~0.53 is the ideal breast, so a person with 160cm of height would have breast about 84cm.

However, numerical number of size is not the whole thing unconditionally, so it is possible to depend on harmony with size of chest, and sagging degree of breast itself and degree of gap between both sides. Medically, it is called ideal breast of composition of regular triangle which is located on the medium height between shoulders and elbow that the distance from point between the collarbone under the neck and both nipples.

Ideal breast should flow in a straight line from neck to mammary gland with conical form, the size which is added about 20~25cm to size of one’s own waist, and part to connect armpit nipple should toward slightly outside and breast should be projected bulging, so it is called strong and pretty breast.

Western women have big physiques, so in case that size of hip and breast are same is the ideal physique, but in case of Asian women, the case which is small about 4~5cm than size of hip is the most proper size.

It is made conical breast shape than bowl shape, so the volume of bottom part under the nipple should be thick and attractive, the line connected central part of the collarbone and both nipples should make regular triangle in the face, the most projected part of breast is located about medium degree between shoulders and elbow from the side is the ideal appearance. In addition, the size around nipple should not to be too much wide and as for color of nipple, red is good.

Stratz, the master of physical aesthetics suggested following several conditions as the elements of beautiful breast:

* It should be elastic and firm

* It should be hemispherical shape

* It should be located between the third and sixth ribs

* Nipple should be located slightly under than the fifth rib

*Wrinkle should not be the bottom part of breast, and gap of nipple should not be narrowed less than 20 cm in the front.

* Left and right nipples should look opposite sides like sisters in bad relationship and it should be the size to hide breasts completely with your two hands.