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title Breast massage per type
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Breast Massage elastic massage for upper part of breast like drawing a circle around the breast

Sagging breast – Draw circle spirally from armpit, then pass bottom part of breast and go back to armpit from center of breast again.

Lifting breast from bottom to top like bouncing, massage both of breast.

Flabby breast – Massage by stroking several times with the feeling to gather hands from around armpit on the breast to central area of breast.

Mismatched breast – Massage bottom part of breast from inner part to outside by drawing circle spirally from armpit of smaller breast.

Big breast – In case of big breast or to gain weight, breast would be sagged due to unnecessary fat. In this case, if you make breast muscle elastically by exercising, then breast muscle comes to gathering and fat around breast is removed by exercise, so you can have pretty breast which became a little smaller.

Massage like bouncing by giving elasticity from bottom part to top.

Breast massage during taking a shower


Put your left hand to the bulging area of right breast, stroke from bottom to top with right hand. Right before to take off right hand from top part of bust, do by turns by changing hand.


Put your thumb to the side of breast, and other fingers on the bottom of breast, then massage from bottom to top by pushing up the round part of breast from outside to inside.


With the hand which is the same side with breast, rub toward upper part slantly toward upper part of opposite breast by passing center from bottom side of breast.


From top of bust which is one the same side of hand to chin by passing through the opposite collarbone, rub up slantly. As for other side, press the upper part of the collarbone slightly by using three fingers of index finger, middle finger and ring finger from inside to outside.


With middle finger and ring finger, go up obliquely from bottom part of the collarbone. This massage arranges the flow of lymph and has effect to make beautiful collarbone. Press lymph node which is bottom part of armpit by crossing both hands in front of breast firmly with your hands.