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Name optima date 2011-11-03

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No more padded bra!

What is the secret to keep the shape of breast beautifully? Active women keep young figure by releasing sweat with shaping and jogging, but as time passes, at the moment to fix eyes to breast which is sagging downward by losing elasticity, they become to recognize their age which is unavoidable. Besides, by passing process of pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding, the experiences to be ruined its shape would be occurred frequently.

As for breast, muscle which is necessary to move arm (pectoralis major muscle), ribs, matured breast parenchyma and fat tissue around that tissue, and skin elasticity are essential.

Breast itself is put on the muscle fascia due to memgrana of ligamentous form which is weak without muscle, so skin which is put in bra without special treatment for a long time would be sagging downward naturally.

First, it is important to select and wear bra which is fit for your own breast size and shape. It is not good to tighten shoulder and bottom breast, and it is wise to select bra without pad (padded bra) which is rather poor by considering preservation and air permeability of breast shape. In addition, it is good to wear bra according to situations such as wearing sports bra when exercising, changing size frequently in pregnancy etc.

Enjoy gym or swimming.

It is important to keep right posture and proper exercise. When back muscle is straightened, it has effect that breast is to be seen beautiful, so have a habit to walk by straightening spine always. Among exercises, especially it is good that swimming which intensifies elasticity of back and shoulder or gym which trains muscle of upper body and neck area.

Take a shower with cold water.

For beautiful breast, it is good to take a cold shower rather than too hot water as possible. Too much hot water deprives of contractile force of skin and muscle of human body, so it is important to wrap up with cold water after taking a bath in proper temperature. It is possible to expect effect to increase elasticity in some degree by shrinking flesh which is touched cold water in a moment. However, be careful if you have badly cardiovascular. It is important to take a short bath to keep elasticity, too.