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title big breast gym
Name optima date 2011-11-03

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Maintaining big breast


Place both hands on the chair and repeat push up by stretching two legs.

2. Raising body by holding ankles

Stretch breast, neck and knees that your body would be U shape by holding ankles.

3.Bending back behind the breast

Stand your body by being close your knees to the floor

4. Bending back behind the breast

By bending back the upper body as much as possible slowly, so please keep the status more than 15 seconds.


Spread your palms and lift your arms above, so bend it hugely like stretching, then let arms down.

Check Point

A.Big breast diet

In case that breast of mother is big or to gain weight, it is possible to get big breast.

However, by making it elastically by exercising, then muscle is gathering, and fat around breast is removed due to exercise, so you can have smaller and pretty breast.


Draw circle spirally from armpit, then pass bottom part of breast and go back to armpit from center of breast again. Massage both breasts.