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title Small breast Gym
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Make small breast voluptuously

1. Bending the upper body back by laying face down

Lie face down by bending elbows by putting palms on the floor.

2. Bending the upper body back by laying face down

Bend back your neck and breast hugely by lifting the upper body by spreading arms.

3. Straightening breast by putting one hand on the ear

From the posture to crawl by laying face down, make your face upward by lifting body slowly by putting one hand on the ear. Keep it about 20 second. Do it same on the opposite direction.

4. Push up by laying face down

At this time, the bigger the width of both hands to hold the floor, the more the volume up effect it is.

5. Straining armpit by holding books

Do turn both hands upside down by tightening both arms by adding force gradually by holding a book per each armpit repeatedly several times.

Check Point

A. Make small breast voluptuously

Crouching breast with bent back makes breast smaller by making bad flow such as hormone and body fluid etc which is secreting from mammary gland. It is important to have habit to have right posture by straightening back.


Do massage by drawing circle hugely like wrapping breast with both palms.