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title Sagging breast gym
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Up! Up! Sagging breast

1. Use dumbbell

Hold dumbbell or bottles of water on both hands, and gathers both hands to the center of breast.

Spread it to outside gradually. Repeat this several times.

2. Straining by facing both palms

Facing both palms in front of breast and then pushing it for six seconds by straining, then release slowly.

Repeat this several times.

3. Bending upper body by laying face down

After laying face down by bending elbows, then bend back neck and breast as much as possible by raising the upper body.

Repeat this five times.

4. Press book with palms

Put book between both palms by stretching both arms forward. Press book by straining with both palms.

Check Point

A. Lifting sagging breast

The case to have posture that shoulders are crooked and back is bent is the cause of sagging or flabby breast. If you have a posture to shrink breast, then it would be sagging naturally by atrophying elasticity of pectoralis major muscle which support breast.

B. Massage

Stroking by changing both hand from the upper part of breast to neck line.