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title Mismatched breast gym
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Balancing mismatched breast

1. Dumbbell exercise of one arm

By holing dumbbell on the hand which is the side of poor breast, bend it to the center of breast.

2. Dumbbell exercise of one arm

Repeat several times the motion to spread arms outside slowly.

3.Pushup one arm

Place palm on the wall or desk with the arm on the side of poor breast, repeat several times the push up motion by putting weight of body slowly.

Check Point

A. Balancing mismatched

Everyone has slightly different size and location of breast. If it is noticed to be differentiated remarkably, then surgery would be necessary, but in case that it is on your mind though it is not marked only you can notice it, then care your breast which is smaller and sagging and less developed such as regular gym and massage etc.


Massage the up and bottom part of smaller breast from inside to outside.