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title The method to select bra
Name optima date 2011-11-03

The functions of bra as the second skin which is nothing short of part of body

1. It lifts sagging breast.

2. It makes the shape of breast even and stables by supporting breast.

3. It presses extra flab of armpit.

4. It gathers flabby breast to both sides.

5. It makes elastic volume and beautiful breast shape.

6. It prevents shaking of breast and protects.

7. It gives stability by giving adequate tension.

8. It protects breast as second skin which has same movements like part of body by adhering to the body completely.

The method to select bra

A. As for sagging breast, it is good to have wide shoulder line

As for the people who have sagging breast, shoulder line is important of bra.

Due to weight of big breast, bra line shrinks skin.

Therefore, to wear bra with wide line is good to spine.

The one which is connected shoulder and cup area firmly and connected cup and line vertically fix breast most effectively. It is better to choose wire vertically to the side part of breast.

If lace with elasticity on the bottom part of wire which supports breast is hanging, then the effect to lift breast increases more.

B. As for broad breast, it is good that wire is narrow.

To gather breast, it is good to choose that the gap between wire and wire on both cups is narrow. It is good that shoulder line is wide and it is effective that side parts are designed with elastic fabric.

It is good to wear bra of 3/4 cup (which the upper part of bra cup is the size of 3/4 of bottom part) and has pad which can push breast on both sides of cup strongly.

C. As for small breast, it is good that 1/2 bra which has pad.

If your are wearing bra of 1/2 cup which has pad, then it gathers fleshes around breast toward breast, so it can get effect that breast would be seen big. Among various cup forms, it is good to choose round cup than the one which is side silhouette is pointed.

Breast and bra

Bra is the underwear with the purpose to adjust the whole frame of breast, and express beautifully and protect breast which is the symbol of women in general.

The term of bra was vest without sleeves for children or women originally, but in USA, it became to be generalized to mean small sleeveless underwear for women, and has purpose to protect and hid breast.

Bra which was generalized since 1920s is actually changed to support breast by changing corset of 19th century simply, in today, it is recognized that every matured women are wearing.

In 1990, Madonna wore the underwear which was applied corset and pointed bra clothes like cone which was designed by Jean Paul Gautier at the world tour show, so she brought big responses in the world. She made the famous ‘Lingerie fashion’ by wearing bra and corset which was used to show off richness and thinness of women in 18 or 19th century.

This cloth collapsed the common sense of underwear and outer clothing, and in and out at one stroke.

Now, bra comes to us as a fashion which is not hid in the clothes.

Bra which uses pelt expresses breast beautifully by making volume of breast and gathers flabby breast to both sides and lifting up sagging breast.

Also, it has function as a secondary skin which is same with the part of body by adhering body.