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title Kinds of bra
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Breast Types of Bra

Kinds of bra which is possible to direct various moods

Band bra – Bra in the most basic type without wire.

The one with cloth under the cup has great effect of bust up, and the one without cloth makes natural line.

Pad cup bra – There is pad in the cup, so it makes abundant silhouetted of physique with poor breast.

Stripless bra – It is the bra which is possible to put and take off shoulder line, it is convenient to wear clothes which is exposure shoulder line daringly or clothes with low necklines.

Mould bra – There is no joint on the cup, so bra mark does not show on the top.

It gives natural feeling with proper volume.

Front hook bra – It is the bra which is possible to lock and untie in front by hook is hanging in front, so it is proper for the women in obesity, lactating women or at senescence.

Cap bra – It pushes the sagging part by overlapping closures and ties,

Wire bra – It gathers flabby breast by putting wire under the cut and has big bust up effect to lift up sagging breast.

Plunge bra – It is convenient to wear clothes with deep plunging neckline of V shape.

Seamless bra – It is the bra without seam on the bottom of cup, it gives volume to poor breast and makes beautiful silhouette by wearing clothes which is adhering like knitwear.

Long line bra – It is called camisole bra, and the length is coming down to waist.

It makes that physique slim by pressing diaphragm to support breast, and it has good wearing feeling and stability. It has effect to press extra flab around armpit.