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title Bra according to physique
Name optima date 2011-11-03

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Size of bra

Let’s find the size for your own physique

Choose Bra according to figure

Big breast – Breast is easy to be sagged, so it is good to use the one with wire and please choose full cup style which covers the breast on the whole.

It is the know-how to choose thin one without pad.

Small breast – If you are wearing bra with thick pad, or bra which cap is round, your breast would be seen voluptuously.

Sagging or flabby breast – It is good to use product which covers the whole of breast line by wire. In addition, volume up pad makes breast wide and lift sagging breast by gathering.

Mismatched breast – In case that the sizes of both breasts are different, then buy pad separately and put it into the smaller breast.

Check Point

Peple with thick and small upper breast

To wear bra of 2/1 cup with wire gathers flesh around breast toward breast, so it makes that breast to be seen big. This type is common to the women in the period of growth, and it is possible to make much balanced breast line by wearing bra with pad in it.