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title Pregnancy, childbirth and breast
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Beauty &Newest Data Breast during pregnancy

Special breast management of pregnant women

Change of breast in pregnancy

Pregnant women come to experience rapid physical changes. These changes are temporary, but do not expect to be recovered to its original status without any trace. Doctor Hutcheson, the assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology of New York Colombia University, says that do not expect to return to your appearance before pregnancy. Your body will not be the same as before after childbirth’ based on her experiences,

There are some women who would be recovered the same figures before pregnancy. Those women get great genes or who are blessed. 90% of women would be increased abdominal or haunched part during pregnancy or felt different body what they used to be.

One of changes to inform pregnancy is that breast is bigger and firmed and to feel pain which is painful by touching. This change appeared from six ~ eight weeks of pregnancy. Until three months, the size becomes bigger and weight is increasing, this is because the fat layer would be thickened, and it is the process to prepare secretion of milk. The color of nipple and around areola becomes darkened and area around nipple would become widened. It is possible to come out colostrums little by little when pregnancy is closing, and this is predict that breast is formed which can do breast feeding.

Caring breast with taking bath

The first thing to change after pregnancy is breast.

The thing to pay attention at most is skin rupture which is occurred during medium period in pregnancy.

Skin rupture which is occurring to pregnant women is to increase more than 2 cups usually than before pregnancy by increasing amounts of blood and water and developing mammary gland, and it is formed by gaining weight suddenly.

At first, it was line of pink or purple, then it turns into silver white color.

The areas of stretch marks are breast, belly and hip, and it is difficult to recover its original status after once it formed.

Therefore, it is good to do massage not to give burden to embryo by applying special cream or oil which prevents skin rupture when taking a shower or bath.

During medium period of pregnancy, it is possible to have insomnia and sweat a lot.

To get well-sleep, it is good to go to bed after soaking body in warm water first, and drink warm milk.

During medium period of pregnancy, here and there of body is itching, it would be less itchy by taking a bath after dissolving baking powder when taking a bath and then applying moisturizing cream.

Caring breast by clothes

It is good to not spare money for good bra.

To wear comfortable underwear makes pregnant women cozy and it is possible to act conveniently when going out.

As for the breast to be swollen during pregnancy, there are case to be swollen to the C cup size.

The bra with 100% pure cotton with wide strap and band which support breast has good wearing feeling and supports breast well. Among bra for pregnancy, there are bras with hook which is possible to adjust according to degree to be swollen.

Beauty &Newest Data Caring breast after childbirth

Caring breast of women after childbirth


When breast is starting to be swollen after childbirth, it should be massaged to make new milk well and smooth blood circulation of breast.

It is good to do breast massage before breast feeding, but doing massage in case to do when it has lumps by breast is swelling or before having pains or having pains is make to come out milk well as well as it is good to prevent breast cancer of breast tumor.

Caring breast

01. Cover the whole breast with hot towel warmly by keeping temperature not to be scalded.

02. Rub from outside to inside by spreading palms.

03. Rub like milking the breast by pressing around nipple with thumb and index finger.

04. In oriental medicine, the blocked mammary gland would be more loosed by paralleling acupuncture.

05. Do it for 20~30 minutes every time, it is good to do by stages by paralleling massage and milking.

Method to care swollen breast right after childbirth

01. Assist both breasts by using bra. It is good to wear bra when you sleep, but not to be tightened too much.

02. Breastfeed a baby both breasts in turn per 1-3 hours frequently. It is refrained from when area of areola is swelling to breastfeed. To prevent that nipple is damaging, so milking until areola is coming down by using hands or pumps.

03. Milking by taking a warm shower is good for areola becomes soft. In addition, by wearing shell of areola before about 30 minutes to breastfeed, it would help to smooth areola.

04. Let baby to suck one breast more than 10~20 minutes.

05. While baby is sucking breast, to massage breast softly makes breast soft, and reduces pain, too.

06. To reduce pain and swelling, it is good to apply cold pack after breastfeeding. It is enough to fill ice in plastic bag.

07. In case of severe pain, it is possible to use painkiller by doctor’s prescription.

08. Doing pumping except for cases to come down swollen areolar area or that baby does not suck another breast promotes production of breast too much, so breast could be swollen more seriously.