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title Misunderstanding for breast milk
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Seven misunderstandings for breast feeding which are trusted the baseless information

1. Powdered formula is more excellent than or as breast milk.

Especially people who have been watched advertisement of powdered formula for a long time have a tendency to think like this, but never ever it is. Mother’s milk is made specifically for baby, so it is most proper for baby than any other milk of mammal.

Latest infant formula milk powder is made similar to mother’s milk, but people do not revealed all of the ingredients of breast milk and it would be difficult to investigate it all from now on. In these situations, it is impossible to make powdered formula which is same with mother’s milk.

2. To breastfeed makes health or figure of mother bad.

There are cases to lose overweight of mother by breastfeeding, but there is nothing to do harm and rather there are benefits such as promoting recovery after childbirth etc. There is nothing to be verified to have bad influence on mother’s figure, and it would be good thing by reducing overweight.

3. It is impossible to breastfeed due to flat nipple or retracted nipple.

The flat nipple does not matter to breastfeed from the beginning. This is because that not only the nipple enters in the mouth of baby but also areola around nipple enters, and it forms big nipple by pulling areola in the mouth. In addition, retracted nipple can succeed to breastfeed by keeping nipple massage continuously with special concern in pregnancy. In addition, actually, retracted nipple is very few,

4. Milk is ‘water milk’.

The color of breast milk right after milking that baby starts to suck is considerably transparent. People called this ‘water milk’ and feel breast milk is pretty poorer than powdered formula on nutrition. However, the color after baby is sucking more than 5~10 minutes is very milky-white color. Like this, the reason that transparency of breast milk is different according to the period of sucking breast is that the fatty matter contained breast milk is different; the fat is very few at first but later amounts of fat becomes many. This is because too many fat at first decreases appetite, it is interpreted that it contains lots of water to relieve thirst at first and to supplement nutrients by coming fat more and more.

5. It is impossible to breastfeed after breast is swelling after childbirth.

Generally, breast of mother is swelling after 2~3 days after childbirth. And in the breast which is not swelling, there are milk in some degree, and as to suck breast as fast as possible after childbirth, the amounts of milk is increasing.

Moreover, in case that breast milk is accumulated in the breast for a long time, it becomes the result to reduce the amounts of milk rather. Therefore, though breast is not swelling, you should start to breastfeed your baby as fast as possible.

6. It is impossible to breastfeed when baby gets jaundice.

Babies to suck breast milk have high probabilities to get jaundice compared to babies to eat milk power. However, the reason to heal jaundice is for nuclear jaundice, but it is not reported until now the case that it became nuclear jaundice due to breast milk.

This is that the degree is not serious in case of jaundice due to breast milk. Currently, it is regulated that keeping breast feeding is safe until that pigment of jaundice would be more than 16mg%.

When the pigment of jaundice is high to that degree, then once breast milk would be stopped and milk powder would be eating, during those periods, mother squeezing breast and prepared to breastfeed again. After 3~4 days, when jaundice is reduced, then jaundice would not reappeared again though breast feeding.

7. If excrement is too watery or frequent, then do not breastfeed.

The excrement of baby who eats breast milk is more watery and frequent than baby who eat milk powder, so sometimes they defecates even 10 times per day.

However, this excrement is normal as a baby, and it is not called diarrhea. Rather, the excrement like elders of baby who eats milk powder would be abnormal.

Besides, the excrement of baby who eats breast milk is yellow and has unique color, and germs contained in it are different.