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title Notice after surgery
Name optima date 2011-11-03

01. Due to the oxygen tube, which is used for anesthesia, there may be a little bit of neck pain after surgery. However, with lots of coughing, the phlegm in the lungs should be removed quickly, then the recovery would occur faster. (Clearing throat activates lung function.)

02. Neck should not be dried by using humidifier.

03. Do abdominal breathing. It relieves tension in the breast muscle and helps to ease pain.

04. In case of serious pain after leaving the hospital, you should take medicine prescribed by the hospital before going to sleep.

05. The next day after surgery, visit hospital to check progress.

06. For one week after surgery, take it easy.

07. About four days after surgery, start to wear an elastic band on the breast and continue wearing them for six weeks.

 (Wear while sleeping. The rule is to wear them for 24 hours.)

08. About 4~5 days after surgery, you should visit the hospital for treatment and anti-biotic injection.

09. Taking a shower or light bath is possible after 4~5 days, and one week after surgery the suture will be removed.



 Things to avoid doing after surgery

01. For about 48 hours after surgery, it is good to not exert much force with arms.

02. You may experience itchiness in the area of surgery, but be careful not to scratch or rub. The surgical parts could change or loosen.

03. Alcoholic beverage and cigarette could induce inflammation, so it is prohibited for about 2~3 weeks.

04. As for steaming and sauna, they can all expand blood vessels and cause bleeding, and change the shape of the breasts, so you should be careful for three weeks.

05. Avoid any aerobic exercise.

Walking is possible but it is not good to walk fast for a long time.

06. For two weeks, wearing anything heavy should be avoided (things more than 5kg) along with strong pulling 07. Avoid painkillers as they could cause constipation.

08. Follow the doctor’s instructions about prohibited activities.