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Name optima date 2011-11-03

Is there a surgery to reduce breast size?

In foreign countries, surgery to reduce breast size as well as augment them is performed frequently. Having big breasts can limit physical activity and also cause you to stand out in public. From the perspective of women who have smaller breasts, it is regarded as a luxurious worry and they often ask, “how bad could it be?”

The answer to that is to imagine living with 1,000ml sacs hanging off both of your breasts causing chronic pain to plague your neck and heat rashes to break out.


The choice of surgical method depends on the size of the breast. If it is not too big, just getting liposuction would be effective. But the breast is too large, then surgery to remove skin and breast tissue may be necessary.


How long will the surgery take?

Breast Reduction Surgery is one of the most difficult among the different types of breast surgery. Surgery takes about three to four hours when performed under general anesthesia. However, the pain associated with this surgery is significantly less than with breast augmentation surgery, so it is possible to return home after resting for about 2~3 hours after surgery. You can visit the hospital again to check progress of surgery the following day, and come to remove stitches on the seventh day. It is not necessary to take a long vacation from work. In fact, it is possible to get surgery over the weekend, and then return to work on Monday.


When is it possible to return to exercise after reduction surgery?

Breast plastic surgery does not cause any inconvenience to exercise, and it is possible to return to exercise after surgery. However, exercises using the arms should temporarily be suspended during the convalescence period after surgery, and it is possible to start aggressive exercise four weeks after surgery.


Is it possible to breast feed after Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is possible to breast feed after Breast Reduction Surgery.

There are many cases where breast feeding was impossible due to the large size of the breast. Although part of the mammary gland and fat tissue are removed during breast reduction surgery, a sufficient amount of the breast parenchyma is preserved making it possible to breast feed.


What are the side effects of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction Surgery has a high level of difficulty and even hospitals that perform breast augmentation surgery are unable to perform it. This means that reduction surgery takes a long time and many problems can occur after surgery. Therefore, breast reduction surgery should be performed by a specialist of breast surgery in order to prevent any significant side effects.

Side effects than can occur due to breast reduction surgery can range from very minute to very serious things.

Bleeding or infection is a side effect that can occur from any surgery and is not considered a serious problem. There are no special problems that affect pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding after reduction surgery. There is no relationship between breast plastic surgery and breast cancer. There is no surgery that is completely free of side effects. There are only hospitals that can minimize them and doctors who can handle side effects wisely.


Reduction Surgery after pregnancy, what are important considerations?

In the case that you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, the best period to get breast plastic surgery are as follows:

First, you should wait for at least six months after childbirth.

Second, at least three months after breast feeding.

Third, lactation is ceasing or the color of milk is clear.

The method of Breast Reduction Surgery preserves lactiferous ducts, so it is possible to breast feed after childbirth. At least three weeks should pass before hugging or holding a baby.


How big of a scar is left by Reduction Surgery?

All forms of plastic surgery leave some type of scar. The goal of surgery is to reduce the size of the scar and place it in an inconspicuous location.

The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of macromastia, so it often leaves a big scar. However, by first selecting a surgical method with minimal scarring and then managing the scar continuously after surgery, it is possible to get satisfactory results.

By thinking beyond the existing point of view that scars due to breast reduction surgery are unavoidable, and combining treatment with medication and laser procedures which minimize scarring under the principle that "Scars depend on management", it is possible to achieve the ultimate goal of making more beautiful breasts.


Can minors with large breast get surgery?

Generally, the growth of breasts continues until the age of 18, so it is possible to get breast plastic surgery after this age..


However, if the inconveniences to daily life are great and cause psychological and social developmental problems along with serious physical pain then it is possible to get surgery.

In the USA, breast plastic surgery is performed at the period of adolescence in most situations. 80% of breast plastic surgery of American youths are breast reduction surgery. In Korea, if you want to get breast plastic surgery due to unavoidable circumstances, it is possible to get surgery with the consent of parents.


Does elasticity decline after Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction Surgery is performed to correct sagging breasts and to reduce the size of breasts greatly to make life more convenient. As for the problem of elasticity, once it disappears, it is hard to recovery them like other breast plastic surgeries. However, if the size of breasts is reduced properly and sagging breasts are corrected, then breast elasticity would improve.