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title SAFE Painless Breast Reduction Surgery
Name Optima date 2012-04-16

Breast Reduction Surgery is the hardest and the most painful among Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast size differs according to ethnicity and the patient’s own physique. It is rather subjective, so there is no absolute standard for what may be considered big or small breasts. Usually, if the weight of one breast is more than 400g, it could be considered macromastia.

Among women who get breast reductions, only about 25% do so for the purpose of enhancing beauty. The rest get breast reduction surgery because of inconvenience factors such as skin disease like eczema under the breast, or pain around the neck or waist caused by leaning forward due to the weight of the breasts, or difficulty wearing clothes. There are even cases when severe pain is felt during a woman’s menses because blood circulation is not smooth or when a transformation of the spine occurs due to macromastia, and that collarbone is curved due to suppression of the bra string which supports the breasts.


Breast Reduction Surgery alters the breast to an adequate size by removing a portion of breast tissue. Various surgical methods can be applied according to mastoptosis, location of areolar, size and shape of macromastia. However, Breast Reduction Surgery is the most difficult and complicated surgery among breast surgery. As for length of surgery, it takes about 3~4 hours, so it is longer than other surgeries, and as a result causes more pain. Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic uses the anaesthetic called cevoflurane, which is the most recent, most expensive and best anesthetic. There are hardly any complications such as wrong use or vomiting, and it is very effective at aiding in a fast recovery.


Establishing safer and faster recovery system with an anesthesiologist


At Optima breast center, there is a resident anesthesiologist. Although breast reduction surgery is considered the most painful of breast surgeries, at Optima, it is possible to have a pain free surgery under the safe guidance of an anesthesiologist.

Unlike general insufflation narcosis, when medicine is ceased, the patient awakens and recovers without vomiting or anxiety. This fast recovery makes it possible to leave the hospital on the same day as surgery, and reduces the length of the whole convalescence period.


Painless Anesthesia Breast Reduction Surgery causes no pain by use of intercostal anesthesia and Cevoflurane anesthesia


General anesthesia, in most surgeries, keeps patients under by anesthesia through suction gas after initial insertion of anesthesia through vein. Anesthetics which are inhaled into the lungs are absorbed through the airway, so an induction pipe is placed in the neck when using general anesthesia. For this reason, there is pain in the neck area after surgery. There are also other side effects after waking from anesthesia including severe vomiting, headaches, and nausea which makes the pain feel twice as bad.


Is it really necessary for a patient to experience this much pain to get beautiful breasts? Now, it is possible to get breast reduction surgery without pain. For this painless breast reduction surgery, Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic performs intercostal anesthesia employing the use of cevoflurane.


By using cevoflurane, which is the latest and most expensive anesthesia, there are hardly any side effects, and it is very effective at aiding in a fast recovery.


Intercostal anesthesia is able to prevent the feeling of pain around the breast area by temporarily blocking the nerves, which pass underneath the ribs, by anesthesia. Patients will not feel pain around the breast area by performing this intercostal anesthesia, and generally show much faster recovery after surgery.


Due to fast recovery, it is possible to get surgery and leave the hospital within a day


After Optima’s pain free breast reduction surgery and short convalescence period, it is possible for patients to leave the hospital on the same day as surgery. However, after traditional methods of anesthesia the patient cannot even sit due to pain in the surgical area and a longer convalescence period is necessary.


This pain free method of delivering anesthesia plays an important role in the psychological stability of patients, but more importantly, it shortens the period of recovery.


Often, severe pain in the breast area induces serious shrinking of the muscle, which may then cause hematoma on the surgical area by inducing bleeding after surgery and usually takes a long time to heal. Patients who have breast reduction surgery experience more physical and emotional pain than for any other plastic surgery. But now, through our painless breast reduction surgery, it is possible for patients to come out smiling and free of pain.