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title Inverted T Breast Reduction Surgery
Name Optima date 2012-04-16

With Asians, there are many cases where redness and swelling occur around the scar. When breast reduction surgery is performed using an inverted T incision, the scar left behind, in particular with Asians, can become swollen which can be a big deal.

Therefore, for individuals who received the inverted T breast reduction surgery, the convenience that comes with breast reduction is momentary, and is outweighed by the inconvenience of surgery due to anxiety caused by the remaining scar.

Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic makes it possible to feel the satisfaction of a reduction in scar size as well as the removal of large amounts of tissue by utilizing the vertical incision breast reduction surgery. We also perform the periareolar breast reduction surgery which enhances the beauty of the breasts and leaves the smallest scar possible.


Inverted T breast reduction surgery is one method of traditional breast reduction surgery; it allows for removal of breast parenchyma, fat and skin after incising from the areola to the fold under the breast. By suturing both skins together after re-locating the areolar upwards, a new shape would be born.


The surgery itself is difficult and it is a relatively major surgery. This method is useful for breast which are sagging greatly and have low skin elasticity.


In spite of the ugly scar, the reason for performing the inverted T breast reduction surgery in the past is that it was possible to remove large amounts of tissue. But for this very same reason, it also resulted in a loss or decrease in sensitivity of the areola.

Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic gives better satisfaction through vertical incision or periareolar incision breast reduction surgery, so there is no need to worry about scars leftover from breast reduction surgery at Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic.